Why Buy a Sonic Electric Toothbrush?

by:HongXing     2020-07-12
You might ask, why do you buy a sonic plastic toothbrush?
Like many people, I started my life, cleaned my teeth in an old-fashioned way with a manual toothbrush and thought it was doing very well because my mouth always felt clean and fresh afterwards.
What I didn\'t realize was how many plaque was left by these early toothbrushes, and as a child using this method, I probably didn\'t do my best to clean the teeth according to the standards approved by the dentist.
I\'m lucky, I have ,(and still have)
Very strong teeth, despite eating three sugar in my tea and loving cakes and sweets very much, my name was only three small fillings at the age of 40.
When I was 18 years old, I started smoking. when I was about 22 years old, I also had the taste of red wine.
As you might imagine, this eventually begins to produce the most terrible staining on my teeth, although it starts mainly from the inner surface of the teeth, where it is difficult to clean easily, staining gradually bypassed the front surface of my teeth, right next to the gum line.
The only way I can get out of this situation is to go to the dentist to find the right doctor, but due to the apparent lack of funding, it\'s hard for me to go as much as I can, so I found myself going to the dentist every five years or so.
The cycle lasted for many years and, in fact, I met my current husband Richard until about five years ago.
So far, I\'m tired of going to the dentist and getting all the brown stained plaque off my teeth, and three months later I just found out that no matter how often I brush my teeth, it all began to come back.
Things improved when Richard decided to buy me an Oral B electric toothbrush as a Christmas present.
I immediately noticed that my teeth felt very clean after use, and that my gums actually bleed during the first few weeks of use ,(a good sign)
That means I know it\'s doing a lot more effectively in really keeping the plaque away from my gum line.
The next time I do dental care at a dental health care practitioner, she actually praises me for doing a full check-upxa0I did a good job of cleaning my teeth.
I continued using my oral electric toothbrush until about a week ago.
During use, the staining did not recover, and although I quit smoking a year ago, I still liked red wine and the result did not have any adverse effects on my teeth.
About a month ago, I talked to some of my friends about how great the plastic toothbrush is and they told me how good the sonic toothbrush and Sonicare toothbrush are.
As my friend described, \"You feel like you just went to the dentist and saw a scale removal \".
Aroused my curiosity so when my mom and stepfather gave me some money to buy this year\'s Christmas present, I decided to look into what\'s amazing about these sonic/sonic toothbrushes.
I have to admit that I was impressed by my findings enough to buy one!
Brushing your teeth by hand with a regular toothbrush usually results in brushing your teeth 300 times a minute. Non-
Sonic electric toothbrushes usually produce 2,500 to 7,500 brushes per minute.
The sonic toothbrush can produce more than 30,000 brushes per minute ,(
The latest model of sonic toothbrush, which can create more than 40,000 strokes per minute).
The cleaning effect of sonic toothbrushes is based on a technology that enables them to produce a cleaning effect where the tip of the bristles is actually exposed.
This is no other type of electric toothbrush design can do so far. 1)
The main cleaning method that sonic toothbrushes can provide is generated by the scrubbing of the brush head bristles on the surface of the teeth.
Of course, this method of cleaning teeth is not original.
All electric and manual toothbrushes rely on the same principle to remove plaque. 2)
Sonicare toothbrushes can also have a secondary cleaning effect.
This cleaning action is built on the high speed of the sonic toothbrush bristles vibration.
This vibration can transmit energy to the liquid around the teeth (such as saliva).
The movement of these stirred liquids is able to remove plaque, even beyond where the toothbrush bristles actually touch.
This is only true of sonic toothbrushes.
\"The result is a wave of pressure and shear force in the liquid that surrounds your teeth, and also tiny bubbles that are strongly pushed to the surface where the plaque is located.
The combination of these various fluid dynamics results in the ability to remove plaque in areas that are difficult to reach (such as between teeth and below the gum line.
The cleaning effect of these streams of physical strength is measured at a distance of up to 4mm (
Slightly larger than 1/8)
In addition to your sonic toothbrush where the bristles actually touch.
\"I decided to buy one, although it was not cheap, (
Start with a decent 70)
The one I bought left a deep impression on me.
The first time I used it, I was surprised by the strange sound it made, not at all like the traditional toothbrush I used to have.
The feeling of using it is also different, but I can feel it is much stronger than my old electric toothbrush.
Really proved how good it was after my first use, after a \"clean\" cycle and a \"massage\" cycle, I spit toothpaste residue into the sink, it was found to be completely red.
I\'m not going to be too vivid to say that sonic toothbrushes are obviously doing more efficiently than my old ones.
Since then, the bleeding of gums has stopped and every time I brush my teeth, my mouth and my gums are very clean.
I highly recommend these based on my own honest experience and am sure they are one of themxa0The best way to avoid future costs such as tooth filling, tooth removal, tooth extraction, etc.
Don\'t trust me, ask your dentist what he thinks of sonic toothbrush!
I suggest you buy a sonic electric toothbrush as soon as possible!
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