why bloomberg is bent on banning foam food containers, even though they might not be that bad

by:HongXing     2019-10-30
At the beginning of 2013, when New Yorkers were arguing over the merits or shortcomings of Bloomberg\'s soda ban, most did not pick up another controversial food --
The relevant ban proposed by the mayor of New York City.
However, the ban is not for the health of the city.
On the contrary, this is a recognition of the protection of environmental health.
On February, Bloomberg declared war on polystyrene foam cups, plates and flip-over food containers that hold most people who are not very healthy and they will come out for lunch and dinner.
Just a few weeks ago, a Council hearing was held to discuss whether there is still a future for foam food containers in New York City.
So why pick out polystyrene?
In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has classified its basic building block, styrene, as a possible human carcinogenic substance (
This is less dangerous for consumers than for factory workers to come into contact with toxins when making polystyrene).
Most notably, however, this is due to the city\'s recycling contractor, Brooklyn-
Recovery based on Sims Muncipal currently cannot recover polystyrene.
According to Vice Mayor Caswell Holloway, the city spends more than $0. 3 billion a year burying more than 3 million tons of garbage.
About 23,000 tons of garbage is made up of plastic foam.
If not for hundreds of years, polystyrene can take decades to break down.
Dozens of cities, including San Francisco, Malibu and Seattle, have banned the use of foam containers, much of it is because they pose a danger to marine animals when they are discarded at will on the beach and in the ocean.
Although the technology of recycling polystyrene does exist, the market is small and shrinking.
The main problem is that food packaging coated with food and beverage residues cannot be recycled directly and must be cleaned first, which adds additional costs to potential recycling plans.
Los Angeles tried to recycle food containers, but the final product was still contaminated despite efforts to clean the packaging first.
Nevertheless, not everyone acknowledged failure in recycling.
Dart Container Corporation is one of the largest producers of foam products, and it is very sure that the foam can be recycled, so it is provided to brokers to recycle transactions and to provide partial funding for processing efforts.
Dart has spent $120,000 this year lobbying the city council and the Bloomberg Government to block the ban and offered to fund a $500,000 sorting machine for the Sims recycling center.
The foam is separated from other recyclable materials and packed through the railway and sent to a factory in Indiana, which can be sold once cleaned and dried.
At a recent council meeting, Dart said it would guarantee New York\'s five-year recycling bubble $160 a tonne.
Council members have been giving Dart until the beginning of January 2015 to demonstrate that it can design a viable way to reliably recycle foam food containers.
If city officials remain unconvinced, the ban will come into effect on July 2015.
So there\'s no foam container or coffee cup to support us-the-
To eat snacks, businesses will also go on vacation.
Probably that piece of paper.
Packaging-based will be widely used.
The problem here is that most papers
There is wax or plastic coating inside the outer container.
Because these coatings and films are \"non-
That is to say, they are not plants,
Based on this, New York City specifically asks New Yorkers not to include these types of containers in paper recycling because it prevents the fibers from being broken down.
More than that, like food.
The container of foam was wiped, and the city did not take the paper container.
Anything with grease or food will damage the material so that it can no longer be recycled.
A fascinating study published ten years ago in the journal Science weighed the relative environmental advantage of using paper cups on polystyrene foam cups.
Author Martin B.
Hawking, associate professor at the University of Victoria, Canada, conducted what he considered to be \"a complete analysis of the relative value from the initial resource to the manufacturing phase, using attributes, and recycling options until the final use or disposal of the project (s).
Hawking pointed out that the raw material for paper cups is wood, a renewable resource.
Instead, the foam cup is made entirely of hydrocarbons from oil and natural gas.
However, the production of paper cups consumes as much hydrocarbons as foam.
Hawking also speculated that since the pulp needed to produce a single cup is six times that of polystyrene, the paper cup consumes about 12 times the steam, 36 times the electricity, and the cooling water is twice that of the foam cup.
A total of 22 \"emissions to air\" were further observed in the study.
The bleached pulp is 7 kg per metric ton and polystyrene is 53 kg per metric ton.
However, on the basis of each cup, the comparison from paper to foam is 136 kg, from foam to 53 kg.
Then, it\'s not surprising that Hawking finally said \"single\"
It seems that using the app should give the polystyrene foam cup more uniform-
The impact of the paper cups they received on the environment was evaluated . . . . . . \"All of this may allow you to take a reusable travel cup in a local coffee shop instead of paper or foam
But think about it before you do.
Performing \"life-
Hocking compares reusable beverage cups to disposable beverage cups, and finds that due to the energy used by the dishwasher to clean reusable beverage cups, \"The choice between reusable and disposable cups does not matter to its overall environmental impact.
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