what’s the plastic bottle deposit scheme, what has michael gove said and how would it work?

by:HongXing     2020-05-16
Shoppers in the UK face a convertible deposit of up to 22 p per bottle in an environmental policy announced by Michael Gove.
Here is the deposit return plan that you need to know about, which may be up and running as early as spring 2019.
Shoppers will pay extra for each item
Beverage bottles made of plastic or glass can also be made of aluminum or steel.
When they return the empty container to the store, they will get the money back.
The \"reverse vending machine\" network can be used throughout the country to collect bottles and return the deposit.
The aim is to increase recycling and reduce waste and pollution.
Details have not yet been decided, including the amount of the deposit.
In similar schemes elsewhere, deposits range from around 6 p in Australia to 22 p in Germany.
Denmark, Sweden and Norway also reward customers for returns.
The plans are said to have significantly increased recycling.
In Norway, the deposit for the standard 500 ml beverage bottle is about 10 p and the larger is 25 p.
About 96 bottles were returned.
Local shopkeepers say it also attracts some customers who may buy something else when they return it.
Britain\'s new plan is expected to target singles.
As in the past, use bottles instead of reusable ones.
Scottish beverage manufacturer AG Barr, whose brand includes Irn Bru, implemented a 30 p deposit return plan for glass bottles for more than 100 years by August 2017.
The Scottish government has announced a plan to return deposits, and Wales has launched a study to consider the plan.
Environment Minister Michael Gove revealed for the first time at a conservative party meeting in October that he was considering a deposit plan.
After the BBC\'s Blue Planet II highlighted how wildlife was suffocated by the sea-contaminated \"plastic soup\", ministers decided to take action.
Plastic waste is said to kill more than 100 million marine animals every year.
According to The Sun, Gove is ready to announce plans to cut Britain\'s waste plastic mountain.
It is believed that nearly 40 million plastic bottles are used in the UK every day, but only half of them are recycled, and 16 million of them are filled, burned or dumped and then washed out of the sea.
Five days later, Mr. Gove officially approved it and began formal consultations later this year.
Addressing the threat posed by plastic waste is \"absolutely critical,\" he said \".
Former President and activist Bill Bryson, author of the rural movement in England, called it \"extremely enlightened decision-making \".
The British Soft Drinks Association said it would fully support the plan.
Gavin Paddington, general manager, told The Sun: \"We will be very supportive.
\"Since taking over as minister of the environment, he has won the support of the Green Group and has carried out a blitz on the waste leak plan, which expands the plastic bag charges to small shops and suggests that plastic straws may be
Under the new tax, Britons who use foam packaging, take-out food boxes and plastic tableware may face higher fees.
Chancellor Philip Hammond has called for a review of his fall budget to determine whether to charge singles
The use of plastic will help to deal with extreme waste.
But it could hit shoppers directly in their pockets, as the Chancellor has not ruled out the possibility of repeating the cost of a 5 p plastic bag to charge consumers and manufacturers.
The plastic tax will be part of the Foundation --
Breakthrough action to clean up world garbagestrewn oceans-
12 million tons of waste are said to enter each year.
The Ministry of Finance said a single amount
Waste of plastic in the UK can fill the Royal Albert Hall in London 1,000 times a year.
Plastic that is usually used only once-
Like a bubble bag.
Moving affects containers and plastic tableware.
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