what\'s as innocent as a tissue box, with a hidden camera

by:HongXing     2020-06-10
There is nothing more tedious and tedious than a tissue box.
Just like any household items you can think of, it was originally monotonous, but there are a few in every house I \'ve been.
Now I have to say that I don\'t see too many tissue boxes on the bachelor pads, maybe not at all, but there are tissue boxes wherever women are.
Women must get some kind of comfort from them, and when you get married, no one tells you anything about all the other rubbish they bring.
One day you have a very neat bathroom and then. . . poof. . . it\'s gone.
But your standard tissue box is purely innocent, making it the perfect place to place hidden cameras.
I don\'t think I \'ve ever been in contact with one of the many tissue boxes in this House and have no plans to start.
I mean, I pull a paper towel from time to time, maybe to clean the glasses, something like that, but I \'ve never checked the level of the paper towel or refilled it, ever.
This is the wife\'s place. Welcome her.
I think I kind of look at tissue boxes like I look at changing diapers, which is not high in my list of \"things I want to do before I die.
I think most people feel the same way.
We have no opinion on questions such as tissue boxes, soap dispensers, towel color and whether sheets and pillowcases should match or contrast.
It\'s not a human matter, which makes the tissue box hide camera the perfect setting to focus on your important items like your wine cabinet or shotgun.
Mook the possibility of finding hidden camera in tissue box is very small, almost noexistent.
It just won\'t happen.
He will be comfortable and you will probably see him sitting in your chair with his feet on the table and the lens with his eyes closed.
You won\'t even resent his temporary comfort because it won\'t be so luxurious at his next home.
Think about it. It\'s a very beautiful move.
You will never be surprised if you are ready.
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