what is a hook race in a sewing machine?

by:HongXing     2020-06-26
The sewing machine dates back to 1830, when batellemi timmonnier filed a patent for the first practical sewing machine.
However, the first pair
The line sewing machine is more similar to today\'s sewing machine, which will appear in the version of the crochet competition used today, from inventor Walter Hunt in 1834.
Later on, the contributions of Elias Howe and Isaac M.
Singh made the sewing machine a practical alternative to manual sewing.
The hook race is a circular groove running around the spool box.
When the machine is running, this groove or track allows the hook to travel along the circular path of the winding shaft.
To access the hook race on the machine, you need to remove the spool box.
Depending on the brand and model of the sewing machine, you may also need to move the latch to remove the hook.
Every time the needle on the sewing machine is sewn into a piece of fabric, a small ring is formed behind the needle.
Hook down, pick up the loop and wrap the line around the online axis.
The hook race provides a guide channel in which the hook travels, allowing it to pick up additional lines and wrap it around the online shaft with each shot.
The hook race is usually the dirtiest part of the sewing machine and needs regular maintenance.
Use gadgets such as watercolor brushes or toothpicks to clean up the lint that is piled up there.
After removing the lint from the groove, place the lint oil on the cotton swab and clean the larger lint from this area of the machine.
You may need more than one cotton swab to clean the area.
For the sewing machine used daily, oil the hook every day.
Lint accumulation is a common problem in Hook competitions.
Regular cleaning and refueling helps prevent problems from happening.
A broken needle is easily stuck on a narrow hook. race groove.
If this happens, remove the spool box and the hook and gently brush out the broken needle.
In order to prevent the broken needle from being stuck in the hook race or other parts, please remove all the needles immediately.
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