Watts For Lunch? (Or Why Humans Are Like Light Bulbs)

by:HongXing     2020-07-07
There\'s a new lunch place under the block, so like when you look funny in the menu, I walked in and ordered something mysterious, for me it\'s \"red lentils and hairy beans\" mainly because I can never remember what the hairy beans are because the word implies that I \'ve done something a little scary like eating mom\'s Stuff accidentally
How much energy am I eating?
Is it enough to power the flashlight?
A bowl of lentils, roasted carrots, raisins, mint and (I\'m guessing)edamame beans.
When I took the bowl to the window seat, my thoughts began to drift.
I don\'t need much freedom in my mind.
Every time I let it slip, when I think alone and alone, it slips away, and at this moment it is: \"So I am chewing on these beans, I divide them into small pieces that will turn into small pieces in my stomach ,(bond-
As the chemist said, break
So I\'m going to turn food into energy.
But how much energy do I get?
Can the salad generate enough heat or Watts or something to light the flashlight?
Or 10 minutes with an plastic toothbrush? (
Have you done it?
I always do this. )
I checked the answer after lunch.
I found it in a fine little book by Wayne State University professor Peter Hoffman called Life\'s Ratchet: how molecular machines extract order from chaos.
He says humans consume about 2,500 calories a day. 1.
5 million joules. . . ?
Professor Hoffman is a physicist.
He continued to do some quick calculations.
If a food has a Calorie equivalent to 4,184 joules of energy of 2,500 calories per day, it means that our body breaks down or releases 1.
5 million joules
Sounds a lot, don\'t you?
But if you divide these joules by the number of seconds of the day (86,400)
, Calculated at a rate (
1 watt = 1 Joules/second)of about —
120 watts a day
In other words, this is all I need to dream, wake up, dress, take a shower, work, walk to a restaurant, order a salad, ask myself how much energy I use, and then check, think about it and write this article.
I can power all trillions of batteries. of me)
At the same speed every day it needs to light up a 120Watt bulb. That\'s it? That\'s it.
Peter Hoffman wrote, \"Human beings speak, write, walk and love with the same energy as bulbs per second. \"I\'m humbled.
What I\'m going to confess now is that when I came back from the salad shop, I called my friends and quarreled with my colleagues and spent a lot of time avoiding writing this article, --
Deep down, at the cellular level, I am a mind --
Energy efficiency is incredible.
You, of course.
This is a good thing in some afternoons.
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