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by:HongXing     2019-10-15
If you are trying to keep your goods organized, you may need a good warehouse shelf system.
There are multiple types of warehouse shelf systems that you can get for your storage area, which will help organize your items in the storage area.
While the most popular type is the use of pallet shelves, you can also choose the bulk or allever shelves that suit your needs.
Depending on your situation, you may want to choose a combination of one or both.
This article will discuss the reasons for having a warehouse shelf system and the types you can choose from.
Now that you have a general idea of the warehouse shelf system, why do I need the warehouse shelf system, you must want to know the reason for having the warehouse shelf system.
Here are a few reasons for your thinking: 1.
Improve efficiency by having a good warehouse shelf system, which will improve efficiency when receiving new inventory or shipping goods to be delivered to customers.
The goods on the shelves are neatly stacked together, and it is easy for workers to find the goods.
This reduces the time to search for inventory and reduces the risk of delivering the wrong item to the customer.
It makes sense to invest in these warehouse shelf systems, as improving efficiency in the long run will help reduce labor costs. 2.
The space-saving warehouse shelf system can actually help you save a lot of space.
If planned properly, they can help you increase your storage area by almost double, allowing you to store more items.
These shelves run vertically, allowing you to take advantage of the vertical space between the floor and the ceiling.
You may be surprised that many warehouses overlook the higher space.
However, you need a lifting device to help you get to the higher position of the goods.
Rather than getting a new place or expanding, it\'s better to build a good warehouse shelf system to help maximize the unused space in the storage area. 3.
A warehouse shelf system that protects goods well can also help protect the goods from damage.
This is especially important if you have warehouses in flood-prone areas.
If there is a flood, these shelves will help reduce damage to the water rather than putting the inventory on the ground.
Some items are also fragile and must have proper stock, so getting a good system will help reduce damage to the product.
After all, you don\'t want to lose profits just because of bad inventory.
With these warehouse shelf systems, you can set aside several units for these types of items so that workers are extra careful when dealing with them. 4.
By setting up a good warehouse shelf system, you can track inventory more easily.
Whether you\'re using RFID tracking or manual tracking, it\'s easier to find your inventory as long as the system is in place.
Clearly marked aisles will help you track things more easily and have the potential to prevent theft.
If you know where things are, you will be able to find lost inventory faster than you don\'t know.
It will also be easier to track your inventory levels by having a good warehouse shelf system, as they are clearly grouped together.
As mentioned earlier, there are several common shelf types used in the warehouse shelf system.
This section will take you through each type of feature to help you decide which type is best for you.
The most common shelf system for pallet shelves warehouse is pallet shelves.
They are heavy and consist mainly of upright frame, horizontal support and deck.
The upright frame is placed together, like a table, and the deck is the surface where the goods are placed.
The horizontal support is secured with nuts and bolts to ensure that the upright frame remains in place.
With pallet racks, you can add as many upright frames as you want to the top of each unit, enabling you to stack them up.
They come in many different sizes depending on your needs and price, usually depending on the strength you need, whether it\'s regular or heavy, and the size of the deck and frame you\'re buying.
While these warehouse shelf systems can be expensive if you buy new ones, you can buy used pallet shelves to save money.
Because they are heavy duty, it should not cause too much trouble to buy second-hand ones.
However, since you do not want the warehouse shelf system to crash, you need to check if there is rust.
These warehouse shelf systems are not complex compared to pallet shelves.
The bulk storage racks allow you to store less than before, so they\'re more appropriate if you\'re running a smaller business.
They include large heavy duty shelves for your storage items.
You can open certain items and items of different sizes or put them in a drawer to suit your requirements.
This is a better option when designing the warehouse shelf system as you don\'t need to spend extra money on lifting equipment.
With ladders, most of these shelves and cabinets are within reach.
Cantilever shelf this is a special type of shelf used in the warehouse shelf system for storing long materials that are difficult to organize in traditional shelves.
They are made up of upright pillars, with steel bars sticking out outside, like arms.
Some of the common items stored here are aluminum plates, pipes, wood and steel bars.
Thanks to their length, by putting them flat on several arms, it is easy to store them using this option.
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