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by:HongXing     2020-06-21
Now it\'s going to be called vintage lunch box and maybe even a replica of vintage lunch box, but it\'s your prize when you get your lunch box for the first time.
Do you remember your first Smurf lunch box?
Do you remember how you swing it back and forth \"casually\" on your way to the cafeteria, hoping everyone would notice it? The Smurfs, (
Those little blue men in white hats)
\"Coming back to life\" is a comic series created by a Belgian cartoonist named Peyo, which was first published in a Belgian magazine in 1958.
There is a story that says that the name \"Smurfs\" comes from the author mistakenly pronouncing it as \"Salt\" at dinner with friends \".
The pronunciation error was \"schtroumpf\" and the two had a good time for the rest of the night as if it were a secret language.
The Dutch translation of \"Schtroumpf\" became \"Smurf\", the name of the comic character entering the English vocabulary.
The true entrance of the Smurfs into the US market ,(
And a generation of children)
When Hannah-
In 1981, Barbera produced an animated series.
The little blue man in a white hat, living in the mushroom house in the woods, is very suitable for the imagination of children.
It was not until 1989 that the series was successful and lasted for eight years.
Their introduction to the United States began a few years ago. In 1976, an entertainment entrepreneur named Stuart Ross saw the cartoons in Belgian magazines and bought permission rights in North America.
He signed a contract with a California doll and statue company called Wallace Berry and Co.
1 feet followed by an NBC executive buying a Smurf image for his daughter, prompting him to come up with the idea of making Saturday morning animated shows for the kids. Hanna-
As they said, Barbera made it for NBC. . .
The rest is history.
Naturally, almost all children\'s shows are aimed at selling things.
The King of manufacturers, the Smurfs are no exception. Seely-Thermos; (KST)
The production of Smurfs lunch boxes began in 1982.
The first production of a metal lunch box ,(
Queen Smurfs standing on mushrooms, surrounded by gifts from other Smurfs)
But the other Smurfs lunch boxes are made of plastic.
Find an authentic vintage Smurfs lunch box, especially a metal lunch box, which is both difficult and expensive.
But because of interest in The Smurfs ,(
Nostalgic or child driven)
It\'s much easier to find a vintage Smurfs lunch box.
Vintage and vintage Smurfs lunch boxes range from $1000 to $9 for rare Smurfs Queen metal lunch boxes.
Retro reproduction lunch box of 95.
Doing a little online research in places like eBay, Amazon, and professional collector sites will find many options for two Smurfs lunch boxes.
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