verdun man calls on borough to ban the sale of single-use plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-03
Thousands of orders-
Wildun resident Eric Hansen travels to the landfill with plastic bottles every year, calling on the autonomous city to take action to make the neighborhood more ecologicalfriendly.
Hansen launched a petition last month that has received nearly 200 signatures in an attempt to push the autonomous city council to ban the sale of all singles
Use plastic bottles. A single-
The use of plastic bottles is defined as any thin plastic bottle that holds one liter or less, just like the standard plastic bottle you might buy at the corner shop.
Montreal has banned the sale of this plastic water bottle in municipal buildings, but Hansen wants to see Verdun go further.
After agreeing that voteHanson is a member of a new citizen action organization called Verdun Sans Bouteilles, plastic bottles will be banned from entering Montreal city buildings and said he wants the movement to accelerate.
\"I think the reason there is a lot of support is: at this point, it is really a problem that can be avoided.
We know more in 2019 and we should do better.
Changing habits is the key to reducing singles, Hansen said.
Use plastic bottles.
\"I have been religiously insisting on using my own reusable water bottle,\" he said . \".
\"I really try to avoid using these singles.
Use plastics that have just entered the landfill and have lived there for hundreds of years.
\"He plans to get in touch with Verdun\'s local businesses and get them to accept the ban.
Looking for a solution smarie-
Andri Mog, MP for environmental issues, said she was pleased to see citizens take the initiative.
\"We see more and more citizens willing to change their habits,\" she said . \".
So this is good news.
MOG says the fight to reduce singles
Using plastic waste is not just for water bottles.
This problem is also caused by bags, disposable supplies and plastic packaging.
The people of Versailles want the government
Instead of imposing a ban, she said, the municipality sought to encourage citizens to use their reusable bottles by adding barrier-free infrastructure.
\"We plan to have seven more fountains in the next two years.
Because we can\'t just ban plastic bottles.
We also have to provide free drinking water so that people can carry reusable containers.
She added: \"Verdun is just an autonomous city and it is forbidden to sell singles
The use of plastic does not necessarily force people to change their habits.
They may choose to buy a can of sugary soda instead of water.
\"We are surrounded by two other districts.
So if we ban only one bottle, a specific container, then we are not sure if we will fix this.
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