utah supermompreneur finds cash in cache valley

by:HongXing     2020-05-06
We offer the #1 recommended food storage program, and we are located in the world food storage capital.While we help the environment, everyone wins.(I-Newswire) -Logan, Utah, September 5, 2008Nicolas castillini, the three single mothers who claim to be super entrepreneurs, is listening with a smile.She said, \"I am helping others to provide the most important emergency preparedness program and to provide life for me and my three children.Is there anything better than this?Just this summer, we moved to Logan, calling it home, after looking for a new affordable place with a strong sense of community.\"This is heaven on earth,\" she added .\".Castiglione offers the most innovative products necessary to survive in any environment, the atmospheric water generator.Water in the air, it\'s always there!The XZIEX machine extracts water from the humidity that naturally exists in the Earth\'s atmosphere, generating clean, fresh, alkaline drinking water from the air.Since billions of gallons of water are recycled every day in the atmosphere, the permanent supply is unlimited and available almost anywhere in the world.The XZIEX machine extracts water through a complex condensation process and sends it through a series of statesof-Scientific purifierUnprecedented technology eliminates all inorganic materials, bad smells and flavors, and particles that are less.01 Micron, and all forms of bacteria, metals, minerals, viruses and other elements that may constitute any health risk.Americans inspected about 50,000,000,000 plastic water bottles last year.167 plastic bottles per person.Our recovery rate for these bottles is only 23%, which means we put 38,000,000,000 bottles into the landfill every year.Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable and no one knows how long it will take for plastic bottles to degrade, but estimates seem to vary from thousands to forever.These bottles are filling our landfill.When water is drunk from plastic bottles and treated, plastic bottles will be responsible for producing toxic compounds such as chloric acid, heavy metals and dioxin in the atmosphere.More than 1 out of 3 plastic waste is still in the form of ash, which still contains these harmful toxins.The XZIEX atmospheric water generator is similar to 5-The gallon water cooler, but all the similarities are parked there.XZIEX provides two different types of machines;XZIEX elite and XZIEX Pro.Both machines use UV-filtered water, which kills bacteria and bacteria in the water.Water is then sent through two solid carbon block water filters that remove volatile organic chemicals that may be present in the water.It is then filtered through the UF membrane to remove any remaining bacteria and common diseases.The end result is to get safe, clean, drinking water directly from the air.It does not require a water line, runs at 110 v and can be plugged into any generator.XZIEX per gallon according to local power costs™It takes about 10 cents to produce water.Also provider and portable devices.Solar equipment is coming soon.Never run out of water again!NewGlobalWater.Com\'s vision is to change the lives of millions of people.They will share the information they want with the world.By sharing with you the real wonders that XZIEX atmospheric water machines can bring you, and the potential of this incredible machine in addressing the world\'s lack of fresh drinking water.

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