ultralight \'supermaterial\' made using plastic bottle waste

by:HongXing     2020-05-27
Singapore: Scientists have developed a method to convert plastic bottle waste into a flexible and durable air gel for heat insulation and sound insulation of buildings, oil leakage cleaning, and light lining as a fireman\'s coat and mask.
Plastic waste is toxic and notbiodegradable.
These wastes often end up in marine and landfill sites, affecting marine life and causing problems such as groundwater pollution and land scarcity.
Worldwide, the annual consumption of plastic bottles has been steadily rising and is expected to exceed half a trillion tons per year by 2021.
Hai Minh Duong, associate professor at National University of Singapore, said: \"plastic bottle waste is one of the most common plastic waste and has adverse effects on the environment (NUS).
Plastic bottles are usually made of polybenzene diester (PET)
The most recycled plastic in the world.
\"Our team has developed a simple, cost-
\"There are a lot of exciting uses for effective and green methods of converting plastic bottle waste into PET gas gel,\" Duong said . \".
\"A plastic bottle can be recycled to produce A4-
PET film.
This manufacturing technology can also be easily extended to mass production.
In this way, we can help reduce the harmful environmental damage caused by plastic waste . \"
The developed PET Air gel is soft, flexible, durable, lightweight and easy to handle.
They also have excellent thermal insulation and strong absorption capacity.
These features make them attractive in a wide range of applications, such as heat insulation and sound insulation in buildings, oil leakage cleaning, and light liners that are also firefighters coats and carbon dioxide absorption masks, can be used in fire rescue operations and fire escape.
In their early work, the research team has successfully converted paper and fashion waste into cellulose and cotton gas gel, respectively.
The research team has applied for a patent for its new PET gas gel technology and will continue to improve the performance of PET gas gel and explore new applications.
Researchers at the National University of Singapore are also keen to work with companies to bring the technology to market.
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