towns seek limits on plastic use

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After the General Assembly failed to take action this year to ban the use of plastic foam food packaging, a dozen communities have begun to deal with the matter on their own.
Jean Lan, assistant mayor John L Hamden, said: \"Everyone will wait for the action of the country . \"Carusone.
\"But now people are ready.
The time has come for this idea.
\"Last month, Hamden became the first community in the state to enforce this ban.
According to the Hamden regulations, the use of food packaging made of polystyrene will be prohibited from March 1.
Violators will be fined $100 a day and imprisonment for up to three months.
Polystyrene, materials for disposable heat use
Have a drink.
Food containers and supermarket meat plates have drawn outrage from groups concerned about the growing problem of solidswaste disposal.
It only makes up a small part of all solid waste, but the critics of polystyrene attack it because it only uses it for a very short time and is then thrown away because it is not easy to degrade, and for a long time in the environment.
The previous session of the Environmental Committee of the General Assembly discussed the prohibition of foam containers, but this measure was never fully adopted by the General Assembly.
But after January, the parliament did enact a law prohibiting state government purchases.
Some scientists say that 1991 of the products are packed in plastic foam made of fluorine-chlorine carbon, and chemicals are responsible for destroying the Earth\'s ozone layer.
This week, Stanford and New Haven will consider regulations banning the packaging of plastic foam foods made of polystyrene, and New England, Southbury, New Milford and Cheshire have begun drafting their own measures.
The other 11 communities, including Danbury, New Fairfield, Hartford, and Wallingford, have requested the reproduction of the Hamden ordinance as a first step in adopting their own. Blue said.
Officials at Stamford are considering banning fast-
Dining restaurants, corporate and institutional canteens and supermarkets.
On Thursday, the health committee representing the town meeting will consider evidence of support and opposition to this ban at a public meeting at 7: 30. M.
Located at the government center, 888 Washington Avenue.
Ruth H, the chairman of the committee, said that our biggest concern is that \"the things that enter our waste logistics are the things that we don\'t care about the most . \"Power.
\"It\'s a coffee container thrown into the Long Island Strait, or thrown down the street, rushing down the grate, helping to plug the rain drain, which is our biggest concern.
\"You don\'t like to ban this behavior everywhere, and you don\'t like to ban it . \"
Powers added, \"but the industry doesn\'t seem to have responded very quickly to the issue.
\"It\'s only a small step,\" she said of the proposal . \"
\"But if we don\'t start working now to save the environment, it may be too late for us.
\"Two members of the New Haven city council on Tuesday, Steven G.
Madnick and Elizabeth McCormack will formally propose a ban on the packaging of polystyrene food in the city.
The advertisement \"we will fight against the image of the United States as a one-time society \". Mednick said.
He said that although plastic foam accounts for about 5% of New Haven garbage, the proportion of plastic foam is too high because it does not break down. As Mr.
Mednick recently explained his proposal to a local businessman on a city street, and when two kick foam burger containers were kicked off, he was able to impress his point of view.
Sir, explained the schedule he proposed.
A draft may take four to six weeks to finalize, and it will take a few weeks to pass the public hearing, medenick said.
But he said the bill was widely supported and he expected it to come by November.
If that is the case, the ban will be implemented gradually in more than six months, he added.
Business and plastics, he said, \"we don\'t want to have too much impact on the industry \".
\"We realize that the business has been using plastics for a long time and we need to give them time to turn to biodegradable products.
\"Some businesses have also joined the campaign and are moving from polystyrene coffee cups, plates and containers to paper.
The Electric Boat Division of Aetna Life & Casualty and Groton general power in Hartford is gradually stopping the use of foam containers in cafeteria and coffee shops.
Alvaro Da Silva, president of Silva Associates at Ansonia, who runs eight Burger King franchises in southwest Connecticut, said his restaurant is moving from plastic coffee cups to paper coffee cups.
Their spokesman said that the two companies use millions of cups a year, and there are some disposable products that have not been counted.
Although the price of paper is more than three times that of plastic, they made the switch.
\"With the development of environmental problems, this is really just A small thing,\" said . \"
Steven Perelman, a spokesman for Aetna, estimated that it used 3.
5 million plastic foam coffee cups per year.
\"But we all have to start working on this. \'\'John T.
Kirkland, environmental manager for electric boats, said, \"we are as worried as the city is that with the landfill filling, we should reduce the entry of garbage.
Sir, paper cups are biodegradable and can be used for composting operationsKirkland added.
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Da Silva said he did not receive complaints from Burger King customers about paper cups, although the paper cups have poor insulation than polystyrene, which makes them more likely to burn customers\' hands and cool the coffee faster.
Advertising \"where we have changed, we have not seen sales decline\"da Silva said.
\"People realize what we are doing and they support us.
\"The plastics industry\'s representative questioned a decree similar to Hamden\'s in Suffolk County, Los Angeles. I.
Where is the law?
Suffolk Law is awaiting a court verdict.
But since its approval in March 1988, it has been a national model of such measures and has driven the development of plastic recycling centres. Harvey R.
Schatten, general manager of New England East paper at Stamford, said environmental protection efforts were wrong.
\"Many paper coffee cups are plastic coated and they are as non-biodegradable as plastic,\" he said. Schatten said.
He also said there was no reason to switch to paper because recycling plastic was feasible and he cited the plastic recycling business in New York and Massachusetts as evidence. Mr.
A year ago, 90% of what he sold was plastic foam and 10% was paper, Schatten said.
Now, he says, that\'s close to 50. 50.
\"All they do is cause a huge shortage of paper . \"
Schatten said, \"If everyone changes, they don\'t have enough paper to move around.
But environmental activists have offered many reasons to ban the use of plastic foam.
They point out that it is made of oil, which is non-renewable, mainly imported resources, while paper is made of trees and can be replanted.
They said that while plastic foam can be recycled, it is light and bulky, and it is impractical to transport to the recycling center because of the space it occupies and the high cost per pound it generates.
Environmental activists also want to reduce their dependence on plastic foam as the country is moving from landfill to landfill --to-
Energy incinerators and plastics produce more contaminants than paper when burning. Thomas J.
Tulick, the environmental manager of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, said he did not know that Connecticut-
In addition to Aetna and electric boats, companies at headquarters are gradually stopping using plastic foam.
\"It\'s not a good idea to say that we should ban plastic before we know what we\'re going to use instead of plastic,\" Mr. Turick said.
\"No matter what we use to replace it, it may not be easy to recycle.
\"But the price of Anne R.
Gobin, senior environmental analyst at the recycling department of the National Environmental Protection Agency, said plastic foam is not easy to recycle.
\"You have to look at the economic viability of recycling, the cost of collecting plastic foam and sending it to the recycling center is very high,\" MSGobin said.
The best change she has seen, she said, is in the school kitchen in Cromwell, where it has changed from plastic foam food containers to ceramic tableware.
\"There is no waste at all now, because the plates and cups are cleaned and reused.
\"Catherine provincher, spokeswoman for William W.
Norwich\'s bacx hospital said her hospital\'s switch to paper cups at the cafeteria meant prices rose sharply.
The Cup is more expensive-3.
2 cents instead of 0. 8 cents -
Employees drink two cups of coffee each time, so they don\'t burn their hands, she said.
She added that the practice disappeared after the employee newsletter suggested wrapping a napkin around the cup. Kelly A.
Lawrence and Anthony, spokesman for the new London Memorial Hospital, said the hospital cafeteria changed to paper for customers who did not visit frequently and began selling ceramic cups to regulars, with coupons for five free refills. Mr.
The hospital is also considering using cloth diapers in the maternity ward, rather than disposable diapers, Anthony said.
A version of the article appears on page CN12, the national edition of September 3, 1989, with the title: The town seeks restrictions on the use of plastics.
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