toronto now accepting ‘clamshell’ plastic containers in recycling blue boxes

by:HongXing     2020-08-13
The Toronto Public Works and Infrastructure Commission is moving forward with plans to recycle \"flip containers --
Like those with berries and shops.
Bought a sandwich.
There are plastic egg boxes and bakery trays.
A recycling plant will be built for the city in next March to take on new loads.
Toronto is already behind other cities such as Ottawa and Calgary that have recycled flip containers.
For more than a year, the city has been developing a project to recycle plastic containers, and a spokesman for the Toronto Waste Management Department explained that the project must be postponed until the city can find buyers of recycled products, and keep the container consistent.
\"People go crazy if we classify (plastic)
Then put them back in the landfill, \"said Jim hanhem, general manager of solid waste management services.
\"We want to sell it to someone so they can reuse it and produce different products.
Once they have buyers, waste
Management must ensure that the same type of plastic is used by food packaging personnel
Their container.
Recycling containers will be futile without consistency, as the final product will not be combined.
The recycling program was stimulated by a series of letters from Jackman Avenue Primary School students.
The students wrote to the waste of the city.
The administration protested the fact that the capsized containers could not be recycled.
At that time, the city responded that it was making planned changes for its sorting plant in order to process the containers.
Since then, the city has congratulated the students on helping to prioritize the issue.
\"If we start talking about this, people\'s eyes will become blurred.
But when you have an interesting story, the kids are involved in it, and now people want to hear it, \"Harnum said.
A pilot project started this year to process the clamshell plastic container at Dufferin recycling plant in Toronto.
When the new plant is completed, the rest will be recycled, although Harnum suggests that the container be thrown into the blue bin now.
These plastics accumulate up to 2,000 tons of garbage in landfill sites every year.
Solid waste management services will announce new policies in the coming weeks.
Black is still unrecyclable
Plastic take-out containers at the bottom commonly used in restaurants.
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