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Three Cleaning Brush and Garbage Shovel Set

Three Cleaning Brush and Garbage Shovel Set

Three Cleaning Brush and Garbage Shovel Set

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 Three Cleaning Brush and Garbage Shovel Set

This is a cleaning brush set with four products in it, including three cleaning brushes and a garbage shovel. Details of the four products are as follows.

1.   The long cleaning brush with a gourd-shaped handle is a bed brush. If there is dust on the bed or table, you can use this bed brush to sweep away the dust. No need to wipe with water. The hair of the bed brush is soft and moderate, so don't worry about scratching the bed or table. The size of this bed brush is 33*3.5*10CM.

2.   The small brush with a handle is a cleaning brush for shoes and clothes. The bristles of this cleaning brush are tight and easy to remove stains without damaging the clothes. The curved long handle of the small brush fits the shape of the hand for a comfortable grip. There is a hanging hole at the end of the cleaning brush, which can be hung up to drain water. The size of this brush is 20.5*3.5*3CM.

3.   The biggest feature of the diamond-shaped cleaning brush is that it can be bent. The cleaning brush is made of pp material, and the bristles have strong toughness to remove stubborn dirt. It can clean sinks, faucets and wall gaps because it can be bent. The non-slip handles are comfortable to hold and effortless to clean. Design with hanging holes is easy to hang. The size of this brush is 15.5*5.8*4CM.

4.   The last product is a garbage shovel. After cleaning the dust with a cleaning brush, use this garbage shovel to remove the dust. There are hanging holes on the handle of the garbage shovel, which can hang the garbage shovel without occupying space. The size of this product is 20*30*5.2CM.

These four products are packaged together, and three different cleaning brushes can be used to clean a variety of stains. This suit is a good helper for housewives and can be used to clean all kinds of dirt in the house.


ITEM NOHX0035796

Bed Brush:33*3.5*10CM

Cleaning brush for shoes and clothes:20.5*3.5*3CM

Diamond-shaped cleaning brush:15.5*5.8*4CM

Garbage shovel:20*30*5.2CM



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