this company turns plastic bottle trash from the ocean into clothing

by:HongXing     2020-05-17
This article is part of the Huffington Post \"recycling\" campaign, an ongoing project that shows the world waste crisis and how we can start working on it.
Bionic Yarnis caused a sensation on the fashion stage.
In New York City
The startup uses old plastic bottles, some of which are recycled from the ocean coastline and turn them into yarn and clothing fabrics.
The creative director of the company is record artist Farrell Williams, with G-
Star and o\'neill― since its inception in 2009, it has incorporated yarn into a variety of products from denim jeans to snowboard jackets.
Bionic Yarn also works with companies outside fashion to produce ship covers, furniture, etc.
In the past three years, Bionic Yarn has changed about 7 million plastic bottles extracted from the coastline
Founder Tim Combs told Huffington Post in an email.
Because plastic bottles are made of the same polymer as polyester, bionic yarns are able to break them down and transform them into \"recycled\" polyester.
The yarn made of this substance can replace the original polyester or the new polyester made directly from crude oil.
\"This is a way to not kill plastic, but when we can recycle plastic from bottles, it can at least slow down the production of plastic and slow down the production of new polyester, williams explained in an interview with CNN.
It takes several steps to turn used plastic bottles into jeans.
After the bottle is collected, it is refined into potato chips.
The chip is then heated, separated into fibers and spun into yarn.
Coombs explained that if the company produces denim, plastic fibers are combined with cotton.
In order to make a suit, the fiber is combined with wool and cashmere.
When making fabrics for performance or industrial applications such as snowboarding jackets or curtains, the company only uses recycled polyester.
Timo Rissanen, assistant professor of fashion design and sustainability at Parsons School of Design in New York, explained that the work of Bionic Yarn does have a positive aspect.
\"There is evidence that the use of recycled polyester-compared to the original polyester-saves a lot of energy in manufacturing,\" said Rissanen . \".
\"On another level,\" he added, \"I think the Bionic Yarn has caught the attention of a lot of people, and this is a very difficult problem that we absolutely need to solve, that is, plastic in the ocean.
\"Today we have over 0. 165 billion tons of plastic in our ocean.
According to a report released by the World Economic Forum and the Alan MacArthur Foundation earlier this year, without new reforms, by 2050, we may have more plastic weight in our oceans than fish. A horrifying 8.
Each year 8 million tons of plastic eventually enters the ocean-which, according to the same report, is roughly the same value as the garbage truck dumping plastic into our waters per second.
Like Bionic Yarn, there is another advantage in using recycled polyester fiber in clothing.
\"In fact, polyester can be recycled longer than any natural fiber,\" said Rissanen . \".
\"As the fibers are recycled, the length of the natural fibers is getting shorter and shorter, and the length of the plastic is getting shorter and shorter, they can be reaggregated and turned into new fibers so that the length of the fibers does not become a problem.
However, the work of the Bionic Yarn does raise another issue.
Rissanen explained that the clothes will fall off the fibers when washing.
\"When we clean synthetic clothing, especially polyester clothing, rissanen said:\" During the laundry cycle, A lot of microfibers are released in the garment-actually micropolyester-some of them will eventually be in our waterways and will eventually be in our
He added that the micro-fiber problem is not limited to Bionic Yarn, which is a problem that the entire fashion industry needs to work hard to solve.
\"I still think that the positive factors of Bionic Yarn far outweigh the laundry problem,\" Rissanen concluded . \".
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