these storage containers keep my fridge totally organized

by:HongXing     2019-10-26
Test Kitchen selection: Food Net kitchen staff share they can\'t live without kitchen tools
Whether at work or at home
Also, they use their tips and tricks like professionals do.
I think it is safe to say that the professional kitchen is very, very different from the family kitchen.
A professional kitchen is like a well.
The oil-coated machine can turn perfectly
Performed dinner after dinner for many hungry customers.
The family kitchen does the same, but more for the last time
Minute requests and unexpected interruptions.
I \'ve been keen to have a product that brings the efficiency of a professional kitchen to my home and now I think I \'ve found one. Let me explain.
After years of working in a professional kitchen, I have developed a strong interest in storing my items in clear, stackable containers.
For example, I can eat my mirepoix if I am going to make chicken soup (
A mixture of vegetables such as celery, carrots and onions)
In one container, the herbs in the other container and the chicken bones in the other container are perfectly arranged in the refrigerator until I am ready to cook.
The containers completely changed my efficiency in the dining room kitchen and helped me prepare sauces, salads, main courses and soups in advance while keeping everything in order and fresh.
They are my dreams and once I have kids I know I need to find something like them for my family kitchen.
Every year at the end of August, I look for new ways to simplify the school lunch packing system.
After a recent trip to bed, bathroom and other places, I found a key and I predicted that the year would be filled with a school lunch in perfect packaging: Briliance line from Rubbermaid.
My Rubbermaid food storage container is a durable leak container
Proving the storage solution reminds me of the days when using containers in a professional kitchen.
But instead of putting my mushrooms and spinach risotto in place, I store the children\'s snacks like washed berries, chopped coarse noodles and hummus.
They are very clear and my kids are easy to see in the fridge and grab what they want to take with them to school.
The lid is pressed and locked, which makes them particularly convenient for leftovers --turned-
The lunch included a pan, beef stew and ginger soup with carrots.
I have never found a product that perfectly combines the efficiency of a professional kitchen with the personal care of a home kitchen like this.
They removed the pressure to pack leftovers and I like to look at the fridge and see clearly what I have to deal.
Maybe the biggest fan is my kids and their school lunch has changed completely!
Iverson is from Brooklyn.
Headquartered in California and New York City, recipe developer with 15 years of experience in restaurant cooking and opening.
For the past five years, she has been working in the testing kitchen of the Food Network and is now a director of the digital studio.
Ginevra oversees the production of all original recipe content on the food web site, as well as any recipes to watch videos under the byline Food Network kitchen.
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