these are the 5 best amazon deals of the weekend

by:HongXing     2020-07-23
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It\'s finally time for some much needed R & D, and even though I\'m not working in the office, I\'m still looking for awesome deals.
I found some great sales today, including awesome 4 k TV for less than $400 (no joke).
These are not only the best because you will save a lot of money.
They are the most important deals because the product itself is fantastic and you can save some money on what you like.
Everything we share with you, we have tested in the lab, owned in our own home, or conducted thorough research to make sure that you will not
I know we don\'t know each other, but I hope you are very happy when you get the mail, partly because I like to make people happy, but also because no one should see their hard work.
The money earned is wasted on crappy products. 1.
Only $20: for whatever reason, 90% of Americans do not have basic electric toothbrush hygiene.
* can make it easier for you to improve your brushing habits as it feels like the toothbrush does most of the work and makes your teeth cleaner.
It\'s not what I\'m going to say if there\'s a real difference compared to a regular toothbrush, but if there\'s anything that can help you brush your teeth more, it\'s worth it.
Now, for $20, you can see if the electric toothbrush is right for you. This entry-
The Philips Sonicare toothbrush usually costs $50, $30, and a $10 coupon, down to $20!
The lowest selling price we see for this high-rated toothbrush (
Reviews of nearly 7 k and 4.
2 out of 5 stars)
It\'s an incredible deal for $30.
It may not be as good as the best electric toothbrush, but trying to take care of your teeth better is an affordable opportunity.
Buy Philips Sonicare Essence rechargeable electric toothbrush for $19. 95 (Save $30)
* This is a complete-
But it does sound credible, right? 2.
Below $400: A4 K smart TVI will not lie.
It almost slipped away from me because it\'s not a sale in the typical sense.
These TCL 4 k Roku TVs were one of our favorite when they were launched last year.
Since they are models from last year, you can buy them at a cheap price. The 55-
The model, which originally retails for $650 in inches, is now almost hovering around $380, but 49-
Over the past six months or so, the price of the inch model has steadily declined from the initial $480 and is now at an attractive $320.
When we reviewed the P series last year, we loved it so much that we gave it an editorial choice award and rated it as one of the best TVs in 2017.
It\'s built into Roku\'s streaming platform, so you don\'t need to buy a separate streaming device.
It also features 4 k, HDR compatibility, and Dolby Vision.
When it first came out, we thought $650 was an incredible value for the quality of this TV, so it was very exciting to see a price cut of nearly half.
I am going to buy a TV set like this to replace the 720 p TV in my office. 3.
Below $50: an electric drillEveryone should have at least a good set of starter tools for all random items that pop up around the house.
But it\'s also smart to have a good cordless drill on hand.
Whether you are volunteering to help your friend build her IKEA vanity, or your friend wants you to install a floating shelf in the bathroom, the drill can do the job quickly.
This one has a sturdy 20 v battery and a keyless chuck, which makes it easy to replace the drill bit.
This is not one of the best cordless electric drills, but at this point it is perfect for occasional projects at home or for beginners who want to explore DIY.
Get Black Decker 20 v single speed power drill/Drive for $39 (Save $10)4.
Below $100: Cult
If you like to cook at home but hate to spend so much time in front of the stove, you should try the pressure cooker.
It allows you to make everything from rice to yogurt to cake to soup with less energy than traditional methods.
Now you can get 6-and 8-
Good discount for Quart models. In fact, the 8-
The price of the Quart version is $50, matching the best price we \'ve seen outside Black Friday. The 6-
The Quart model is perfect for most families, but anyone who has a big family or is obsessed with preparing meals, in the larger 8-
Quart, it\'s only $10 now.
We tested all the best pressure cookers and found that the instant cookers are one of the best performing (the Crock-
The pot is almost the same, about $20
$30 cheaper if you don\'t care about the brand). 5.
Below $15: a USB cable charges them and allI is willing to bet that you have a variety of devices that require different cable charges.
Maybe you have an iPhone, a Nintendo Switch, and a Samsung tablet.
You need three different cables to charge them, which is completely fine when you get home.
But if you go out or travel, you don\'t want to cart around all these different cables, do you?
Anker came up with a simple solution (
Yes, other brands do the same, but Anker\'s cable is shocking).
This micro USB cable is now only white and has an adapter to turn it into lightning or USB-
C cable, the coupon code is \"anker846\" for only $11.
\"It may not be the fastest charging cable, but it is certainly convenient to get around for this price.
Get Anker PowerLine II 3-in-
Cable for $11. 24 (Save 25%)
At the time of this article, the price of the code \"ANKER846\" is accurate, but may change over time.
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