There are a lot of toothbrush options out there. We asked experts for their picks.

by:HongXing     2020-07-20
If you ever walk through a big toothbrush aisle
Box store undecided, we have good news to tell you: \"If you use it right, the best toothbrush is in your hand,\" said dentist Mark Bourne, asking the creator and author of the dentist.
Although today\'s industry has an amazing number of plastic hand toothbrushes, compostable bamboo toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and toothbrushes that can be replaced to the head at your doorstep.
Because we decided to brush in the end, we asked five experts to choose.
No matter what brush you choose, the most important thing is to aim at chewing gum, don\'t overbrush, try to wash it for two minutes, depending on what diet you eat, says Burhenne;
The more sugar and processed foods, the more brushing your teeth.
Mountain View, California says people are more likely to brush their teeth regularly when they really like their toothbrushes.
Periodontal doctor Daniel Nelson
Nelson, an expert in bacterial and plaque build-up, used a manual brush called Nimbus ($11 ).
Five people 99, nimbusdentalcom).
This is what he recommended to the patient.
\"It has soft bristles and is clean under the gum line,\" he said . \".
\"Sonicare is still amazing for electric toothbrushes,\" said Melia Lewis, from Provo, Utah, who is one of the four dental hygienists responsible for the edge of onsite hygiene.
\"They do have a higher price point, but Sonic technology is still the best technology to remove the soft build-up on the teeth.
Philips sonicareproteeclean 5100 gum health electric toothbrush has a pressure sensor that tells you ($89) when you brush your teeth too hard ). 99, target. com).
\"How long does it take for the toothbrush to break down?
Asked Californiabased Burhenne.
It\'s been about hundreds of years, he said.
New sustainable toothbrush
Bamboo handles are often used
Sometimes there will be hard bristles on the teeth.
Burhenne says Radius\'s travel toothbrush is made of cellulose made from renewable wood with vegetables
Derivative bristles ($6.
Radius 99 madby
It\'s his favorite.
The brush head is replaceable, so \"about two-
\"The third of the toothbrush stays with you,\" Burhenne said . \".
\"Soft and comfortable.
The head collapses into its own handle. ”For the under-
6 sets, Beinan Sal, dentist of Nev Reno dental fairy children\'s dental owner.
Hesitate to recommend specific brush;
The important thing, he says, is that you choose a soft brush that will \"reduce your chances\"
Trauma and decay of gums
\"Once the child is 6 or older, Salar recommends replacing it with a Sonicare toothbrush, such as Philips Sonicare ($49) for a child\'s rechargeable plastic toothbrush ). 99, target. com).
\"I find patients who use them do better. . .
He said: \"in removing patches and food debris from the bottom of their molars teeth and second fangs, explaining that they\" are usually the hardest teeth that everyone has to brush their teeth, because they are farthest behind the mouth.
Recently, San Francisco travel writer Lia and Jeremy Garcia studied \"lightweight, packable, and high
\"Quality\" and looked at the bristles very carefully.
\"Most travel toothbrushes are not good enough to give you a toothbrush while on vacation.
\"They like this kind of playful ($25-$45, getquip.
\"It has a stylish design and the cover makes it perfect to throw into your luggage while keeping the actual bristles clean,\" Lia said . \".
\"Quip is also an electric toothbrush that is perfect for traveling because you don\'t need to pack a bulky charger;
The brush uses AAA batteries.
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