The ultralight sound-proof and heat-resistant \'aerogel\' made from recycled plastic bottles that could help curb ocean waste

by:HongXing     2020-05-25
Researchers in Singapore are seeking patents for a new soundproof and heat-
Wear-resistant materials made from recycled plastic bottles can help reduce plastic waste dumped in the ocean and block landfill sites, they say.
The research team at the National University of Singapore says they have found a way to make bottles made of pet (PET)
There are a lot of gas gel for potential use
From insulation and fire safety to cleaning up oil spills.
\"Plastic waste is one of the hardest to recycle,\" Haiming duang, associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University, told Reuters Television.
The team has been looking for new engineering applications to help reduce the global scourge of plastic waste, he said.
According to US media reports, about 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year, killing marine life and entering the human food chain. N.
Environmental Programme.
Five Asian countries
China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand
According to a 60% study, 2015 of plastic waste leaked into the ocean.
The team said in a statement this month that the PET air gel made of plastic bottle waste is soft, flexible, durable, light and easy to handle.
A recycled bottle can produce A4
The team said that the right-sized air condensate film can enhance its absorption and thermal insulation capabilities by adding surface treatments, thus customizing materials for a variety of uses.
For example, paper coated with flame retardant chemicals can withstand temperatures of up to 620 degrees Celsius.
This is 7 times higher than the regular hot lining in the fireman\'s coat and weighs only 10%.
The version of this material can also be used for insulation and sound insulation of buildings, cleaning oil leaks and masks that absorb carbon monoxide.
The team published the study in August in the Journal of Science, colloidal and surface.
The company applied for a patent at March and is looking for partners to mass produce the gas gel.
The cost of 1 m by 1 cm may be less than 10 new yuan ($7. 30), Duong said.
As countries work hard to cope with the increasing amount of plastic and other waste, Duong said, their inventions show that engineering and technology can provide solutions.
This is my dream in the future. . .
For me, there is no garbage to recycle, he said.
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