the history of the lunch box

by:HongXing     2020-06-23
At the beginning of each new school year, what is more exciting than picking a new lunch box?
The children carefully select the box and discuss which design is best for them.
Children eat with lunch boxes-
Such as peanut butter and jelly.
Like Dad\'s performance, the first lunch box was not for the children at all.
In the 1800 s, blue-
The white-collar workers work in metal barrels with lunch, which protects their food from the rigors of the workplace.
In fact, your lunch bucket illustrates your location on an economic scale ---
A lunch bucket means you can\'t afford a hot lunch.
However, this does not prevent children from copying the parents they work.
Soon, the children made their own lunch buckets with tin boxes that were used to put cookies or tobacco. Early mass-
Lunch buckets made for children are like illustrations of picnic baskets and children\'s play.
The first character of the Golden Age of lunch boxes-
A licensed lunch box, featuring Mickey Mouse, was launched in 1935.
But it wasn\'t until the 1950 s that the lunch box market really broke out.
Prior to that, Aladdin Industrial had been selling ordinary, steel lunch bags.
\"In Search of a new way of market growth, in early 1950 it released a lunch box with the decal from horparon Cassidy.
Sales are hot, and American Thermos bottles follow.
It released a Roy Rogers lunch box with full-color exposure all around the box. Character-
Based on the TV shows or movies of the time, lunch boxes mean children want a new lunch box every year.
An industry was born. -
A total of 0. 12 billion lunch boxes were sold between 1950 and 1970.
Most of the boxes are equipped with matching thermos bottles.
These were originally made of steel and made of glass.
However, over time, the thermos bottle gradually evolved into a plastic material.
In 1962, Aladdin added 3-by empressing on the front and back-
D. influence on art.
Around the same time, the \"Dome\" shaped lunch box appeared, echoing the early design of the worker\'s lunch bucket.
Vinyl lunch boxes were launched in the 1960 s.
It\'s made of plastic.
Sealed with cardboard.
These pink boxes are for girls.
Vinyl boxes have never really been popular, however, because they are quite fragile.
Autumn of metal lunch boxes-
Cutting measures in the 1970 s caused a stir in the era of plastic lunch boxes.
Many say the death knell of metal lunch boxes appeared in early 1970, when Florida banned metal lunch boxes for fear that children would use them as a weapon for the playground.
However, this seems to be a folk legend [source: Los].
More likely, it is much cheaper to produce plastic lunch boxes.
At that time, the last metal lunch box was launched in 1987, with Rambo as the main character.
Thermos brought back metal lunch boxes in 1998, but only produced a few each year.
Most metal lunch boxes are now in the hands of collectors.
But don\'t expect your old lunch box to make a lot of cash if it wears out, rusts or loses the original thermos.
Most old-fashioned lunch boxes have a net price of between $10 and $100.
Most of today\'s lunch boxes are soft, made of Insulated vinyl and foam-
A style that is more suitable for children\'s backpacks. Character-
However, there has never been a time for licensed lunch boxes. Instead of G. I.
Joe or the Beatles, you\'ll see stars like Hannah Montana or Wikipedia today.
You can also find lunch boxes made of recycled materials.
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