The gadget that turns bottles into ROPE: Simple $15 device transforms plastic containers into flexible string

by:HongXing     2020-08-13
You may think recycling plastic bottles is good for the world, but a pair of French environmental activists do a better job.
A pair of inventors Pavel and Ian from Versailles have created a simple gadget that allows you to \"upgrade\" any plastic bottle into a rope.
The team claimed that a bottle was enough to make enough rope to pull the car out of the ditch.
The equipment consists of wooden handle, blade and cutting guide.
To use the \"cut block of plastic bottle\", you must first cut off the bottom of the plastic soda or water bottle.
The tool then cuts the rest into a long thin line.
Any bottle can be used.
However, the ridge bottle requires you to close the cap first and place the bottle on the heat source to make it smooth.
The two wrote at their kickstarter event that the number of plastic bottles each person uses and throws into the trash can every day is absolutely amazing, which is really impressive.
\"It\'s an economic waste because the plastic from the bottle is a good value for money, reusable item.
Even if sent for recycling, the volume of plastic bottles makes it very difficult to transport and hold plastic bottles efficiently.
While this is a relatively simple idea, this gadget can help keep plastic bottles away from landfill and turn them into something useful.
\"It all depends on the bottle, but the tape of the ordinary Coca --
The inventor said that Coke with a width of 4mm can withstand a load of 7 kg.
\"Our first sample has been in the sun and on the street for two years and it still carries the load.
By the time the article was written, the product already had more than 2,950 supporters who had committed a total of $148,110.
The initial funding target was only $9,445 and there were 50 days left for the Kickstarter event.
The $15 commitment provides you with an early prototype of the plastic cutter, which is expected to be shipped sometime in June.
According to recent estimates, the ocean is filled with 8 million tons of garbage.
Enough to fill the earth with five shipping bags per foot of coastline.
Since it\'s hard to figure out the exact number because most of them may have sunk, scientists say the real number could be as many as 12.
7 million tons of marine pollution every year.
A report released by the World Economic Forum this year said that unless drastic action is taken, the amount of plastic waste in the Earth\'s oceans will exceed fish in just 30 years.
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