The electric toothbrush: a review

by:HongXing     2020-07-19
Objective: to review the application of plastic toothbrush vibration movement to remove bacteria spots to improve gum health.
The latest developments in this device include the introduction of small rotary head movements and increased vibration frequency.
Source: articles published in international literature in the past 10 years.
Research options: There are two different areas of research:
In vitro studies and clinical trials. In-
In vitro studies have been conducted to investigate the effects of air-point and acoustic microflow.
Their potential contribution to the role of working electric toothbrushes has been demonstrated in vitro.
However, their occurrence in clinical conditions has not yet been fully described.
The clinical study of electric toothbrushes compared the effect of removing plaque with manual brushing or other commercial electric toothbrushes.
Conclusion: in closely supervised trials, electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual brushing.
There is clinical evidence that small rotating brushes are more effective than lateral movements.
However, further long term
Long-term clinical trials are needed to demonstrate improvements in gum health, which includes better control over the different variables involved.
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