The dentist who doesn\'t use an electric toothbrush and the diet doctor who refuses to drink lots of water... Experts who do the opposite of the advice we’re all given

by:HongXing     2020-07-09
Having breakfast helps to lose weight, electric toothbrushes can better clean your teeth, and it\'s better to avoid dairy products when you catch a cold --
These are some of the health spells on which many people live, usually based on official advice.
However, not only do some health experts question these
They do the opposite.
Here we asked a group of leading experts who chose what health \"rules\" they did not follow \". . .
Dentists who do not use electric toothbrushes many dentists say electric toothbrushes are the most effective way to clean teeth.
But it\'s better to use manual, says Luke carcarini, a northern oral surgery consultant.
NHS Hospital Trust in West London and Sloan Hospital
The brushes will create a false sense of security, he says, so you just put them in your mouth and let them do the job.
This could lead to some areas being ignored, he said.
\"At least on the manual toothbrush I use, you can feel yourself brushing your teeth and going into all areas --
Especially where the teeth touch the gums.
If you do this for two minutes, you will at least brush your teeth if it is no better than an plastic toothbrush.
\"Chiropractors with ice instead of heat as the background. The standard recommendation is to use heat in the affected areas, but Tim hatchefor of the British chiropractor Association prefers ice.
There is a misconception, he said, that ice can reduce blood flow, which can aggravate inflammation and pain.
In fact, the opposite is true.
Heat may aggravate inflammation and effectively aggravate pain.
\"Heat increases blood flow by expanding blood vessels, which can reduce muscle cramps.
But the role of these cramps is to protect the injured and inflamed joints.
If you relieve the protective spasm, you may damage the joint further.
Pain and cramps can subside for an hour or two, but pain and cramps can intensify as you increase.
In contrast, ice numbed the area and contracted blood vessels, thus squeezing out compounds that cause inflammation, he said.
The blood vessels then expand again, allowing new blood pumps to the area, reducing pain and inflammation.
Nutritionists who do not drink liters of water the European Food Safety Agency recommends that women drink 1 liter of water. 6 litres —
About eight glasses. of fluid a day;
2 liters for men (10 cups ).
Many people think it means water, but independent dietitian Dr Sarah Schenke says it is important to have liquid instead of water.
So I won\'t force myself to drink a lot of water.
There are many ways we can count liquids now, including soup, tea and coffee.
It is believed that caffeine-containing drinks will cause the body to lose water.
As a matter of fact, coffee is a stimulant, which can make people feel the urge to go to the toilet.
But it\'s not urine that makes you produce more urine.
\"So you won\'t lose more liquid if you drink water.
Weight consultants skipping breakfast various studies suggest eating breakfast cereals helps to lose weight
Our idea is that it helps to activate the body\'s metabolism to burn calories and prevent us from eating too much later because we are not hungry in the middle of the year. morning.
However, Dr. David Ashton, a cardiovascular epidemiology consultant and medical director at the Health Weight Clinic, said there was nothing wrong with not eating breakfast.
\"I often don\'t like eating in the morning, so I don\'t like it.
Your metabolism will also function properly without forcing the Weetabix you don\'t like.
\"There is no convincing evidence that you will eat more during the day if you don\'t eat breakfast.
The most important factor that determines how fast we consume calories is the proportion of fat. to-
Thin muscles, he said.
This is because even if you rest, the muscles will consume more energy.
Migraine doctor\'s standard advice for avoiding headaches is to take painkillers, such as ibuprofen, once you feel that migraine is starting to limit the impact of the attack.
But Dr. Andrew Dawson, head of headache services at King\'s College London Hospital, said he avoided doing so, but drank a few pints of water first to avoid attacks.
I\'m not entirely sure why.
Although this may be related to dehydration causing headaches, he said.
Only when it doesn\'t work will I take pills like ibuprofen.
Many people avoid drinking milk when they catch a cold, because it is often said that dairy products increase mucus and make a runny nose worse.
However, Professor Ron Eccles, director of the general cold Institute at Cardiff University, is pleased to say that if he is infected with the virus, he will drink milk.
\"You should not reduce milk when you have a cold.
It\'s rich in vitamins and minerals and all the necessary food groups-
So it\'s helpful if you don\'t eat.
If you sweat because of a fever, you may be dehydrated.
Professor Jim Horne, director of the sleep research center at Loughborough University, said that sleeping experts only have less than 8 hours and it takes 8 hours to be a myth.
The important thing is the quality of sleep.
The 6 hours that are not disturbed are better than the 10 hours that are interrupted.
\"So I\'m not worried if I get less than 8 hours, which I can easily do.
Professor Horn added that if you are sleepy all day
This is normal except for a swim in the afternoon --
Then you sleep. deprived.
If you\'re alert, you don\'t have to worry.
He also said it was perfectly OK to take a nap.
The biological clock is designed to sleep two nights a day.
He said that the evening is long and the afternoon is short.
The rejuvenation of the 20 th century
Taking a nap can improve energy levels and alertness, but you can still sleep at night because your sleep is not deep.
\"Sports scientists who ignore his BMI to measure body mass index (BMI) are standard tools for doctors to assess whether someone\'s height is healthy or not.
However, Dr. John Delin, a sports injury surgeon at Ayr Carrick Glen Hospital, prefers to rely on waist measurements.
My body mass index was 30 when I was in professional rugby, because I had more muscles, so I was classified as obese.
But my body is only 7 cents fat.
Weight is not as important to overall health as cardiovascular health.
A better way to evaluate is by measuring your waist. Mine is 31 in.
\"Excessive intermediate fat is associated with increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
If your waist circumference is above 37 degrees for men and 31 degrees for women, you will have a higher risk of health problems.
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