The best wireless earphones and AirPod alternatives for Christmas 2016

by:HongXing     2020-07-11
Trivia Time: according to a study published by Wayne State University in Detroit, what is the reason why more than 56,000 Americans visit emergency rooms every year?
The answer is \"auditory foreign bodies\"-from stationery to insects, these objects should not actually be there at all.
About half of the events were caused by cotton buds, which, as Johnson & Johnson has always pointed out, should never be inserted directly into the ear. (
Just itching on the edge, okay?
Ears are a selfCleaning System!
Ear wax can prevent the growth of bacteria! )
\"The most common problem with cotton swabs,\" Hamid Jalilian, associate professor of otolaryngology at the University of California, warned --
Owen said, \"people leave them in their ears, walk around and forget they put them in. ” People, eh?
In the past two weeks via GIPHYI has stuck a lot of foreign objects in my ears and thankfully I haven\'t been to the emergency room at one time.
This Christmas, a lot of other people will also insert interesting things into their ears, which is why.
You don\'t need me to tell you that a lot of things happened in 2016 and let\'s question everything we value.
Top of the list?
Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, which did make a lot of people very unhappy, including the 300,000 employees who signed the petition created by consumer organization SumOfUs, the petition accused Apple of causing a large amount of electronic waste.
Millions of people will quietly complain about themselves, especially having to connect their existing headphones to their new 600 smartphone through crappy dongle, it can be said to be Cupertino\'s most deliberately terrible hardware ever.
No one is willing to be dominated by the dongle, so many people will ask Santa for a wireless headset in December. Die-
Apple will launch two AirPods in September and promise to launch them globally in October. (
They have not yet been sold;
Apple said it needed \"a little more time\" to prepare the device, which is worth £ 159. )
The initial response was complicated: what caught many people\'s attention was that, unlike traditional wireless headsets, the two teensy earbuds were not even connected-crazy!
If \"people\" don\'t remember to remove the cotton buds from their ears, how could they expect to avoid falling, losing, vacuuming, or choking at least one AirPods?
The emergency room will obviously become busier in 2017.
Twitter wags compared the design to tampon, fag cigarette butts, and plastic toothbrush tips, a sage observer warned, apple wants all of us to be \"the one who used to wear what we used to laugh \".
Thankfully, AirPods are not the only ones you have (
It doesn\'t seem to be your best either.
The wireless headset market is increasingly competitive.
Here are five of my favorite.
Front headphonesjack-
The most compelling reason for Gate to buy a pair of wireless headphones is (
May still be there)
Drown out muzak in your local gym or make your weekend jogging less boring.
No one wants to get caught in the cable while skiing
Erger meeting, or ear plugs pop up from your ear --
Hole in the slightest disturbance (
Check the entrance to Apple-level versions).
Like all Bose kits, its latest sport
The phone is solid, powerful, not beautiful, and sounds really great.
Battery life is also better than most other models (
Six hours between top-ups is pretty good).
Fitness rabbit and road
Pounders will appreciate the building-
In the heart rate sensor, it is accessible through the Bose app, and the pulse is known for your favorite fitness tracking app such as Strava.
However, this impressive sound quality means more hardware, so for some flavors they may be a bit bulky and may not be stuck in your ears like some of the models here, but the benefits are far greater than the disadvantages.
Yes, the brand is not subtle, but it is difficult to argue with the sound quality of the Beats headphones. (
By the way, if this is a comment on wireless Internet access
Headphones, I will tell you to forget all the other brands/models and buy a stand-alone 3 s which is very powerful, tactile and very cute. But it’s not. . . ).
The surface Powerbeats month is/is a month much like PowerBeats month;
Attractive design
Grab, if it\'s a little short (
That\'s probably why they sound so good), and the over-
The ear connection means they don\'t make a sound on the cross all the time. trainer.
So familiar so far.
But the most exciting thing about 3 s is hidden inside: they are the first headphones to install Apple\'s new W1 chip, which makes the connection better and faster (
Bluetooth via Level 1)
There is no irritating drop-out and battery life up to 12 hours.
Since Beats are Apple\'s best friend and don\'t want anyone else to join their cool gang, there is no other brand that can use W1, which gives Beats an instant advantage over any other brand.
In other words, if you want the best sound, the best battery and the best Bluetooth, these may be the headphones you want.
However, you may want to sit down for the upcoming Beats X wireless headset, which is even more delicious (
Not very athletic though)
Looks better, like wireless, Christmas should be in the store.
Buy it now, if it\'s all-
What you want is a pair of B & O Play h5 s.
These look, feel and sound are very elegant (
The taste is not so good, but three of the five taste good).
From woven sneakers-
Lace between two buds (
The magnets at each tip help them form something that is quite attractiveback-from-two-weeks-in-
Thai necklace when not in use)
It\'s a pleasure for a simple app, whether you\'re commuting, jogging, or hanging out on the couch, it lets you customize the sound.
Since they are from Bang & Olufsen, you will know that the sound quality is very good even though they are small in size.
Five hours of battery life is also good.
All in all, as a warm Q-meetTip.
Yes, Apple enthusiasts will say, but none of the headphones above really compare to AirPods, as they still have wires to connect the left and right earbuds.
This is where things get interesting.
2016 is the year of the \"real wireless\" headset; totally cable-
Free wearable technology to transfer your music, track your fitness and patches over your phone.
Big and small tech companies are working to get their \"listeners\" to the market as soon as possible, from Sony\'s expert ears to Motorola\'s Moto tips, like my dad\'s old signet ring.
Blab announced the dash (
Clear article is obviously important)
Become the first person in the world to listen \"(
This may be true)
And \"personal assistant in your ear \"(
This is definitely not).
But it\'s great fun.
That\'s probably what many people think, because a few years ago, the Kickstarter project had committed more than $3 m.
Except for all your music streaming needs (
The sound quality is very good;
Adjust the volume with a satisfactory slide of the right ear)
, You can even store hundreds of songs on Dash\'s internal music player and put your iPhone in a locker in the gym.
There is also a pleasant app to monitor your heart rate, count your steps, run time, count your calories and record the length of your pool (
Waterproof up to one metre).
That’s not all.
Nodded to accept the phone, shook his head and refused to call.
Shrug when the people at the bus stop laugh at you.
It\'s great, or at least when I\'m walking around, if the Bluetooth connection doesn\'t cut off quite often (
I hope Dash recorded my angry heart rate spike).
Bragi has worked hard to improve the connection and the dash will be ideal once niggle is sorted.
Hope for cheaper headphones for sister products (
No sense of guilt.
Bell and whistle to induce fitness)
When it is shipped later this year, there will be no such problem.
One more thing that\'s good for the dashboard: these little black beans are the most comfortable headphones I \'ve ever worn.
I don\'t know the cotton buds, but it\'s easy for me to forget that I have these in my ears.
Buy now if the dashboard feels like a brave, fun fitness tracker
Love amateur, Jabra\'s elite sport seems to be sold on a more serious athlete.
Above the crystal-
Clear Sound quality (
Just a little more bass)
9 hours of battery life, with a wealth of fitness options on the impressive app that comes with it, it can monitor your overall fitness level and talk to you through a variety of training programs, and provide things like \"race time predictor\" and \"recovery consultant.
This is a sophisticated, quality product if you are a dedicated fitness-
There are a lot of people who like tracking classes.
It\'s just a little uncomfortable for me, especially when I put up my ears and skip the track, the heart rate tracker is hard to find my pulse and it gets a little annoying/worrying.
But it\'s not as annoying as my daughter asking me why I started wearing hearing aids.
Gadgets like this are like this-not everyone will appreciate them.
But if you have a bit of Nathan Barley on your body, you might think they are \"Jackson good \".
Once you cut the wire, you can\'t go back.
Buy now: 10 best
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