the 7 best electric toothbrushes for 2018

by:HongXing     2020-07-22
If you brush your teeth regularly and correctly, you can live longer.
This is no exaggeration.
The study is overwhelming: our oral hygiene has the ability to influence our overall health and it is critical to have the best electric toothbrushes.
In 2016, for example, scientists found that regular brushing can slow the progression of Alzheimer\'s disease.
The study found that gum disease can accelerate mental decline six times.
How do you improve your oral hygiene game (
Besides being the best friend with the dentist)?
Many would recommend electric toothbrushes, which have become staple food in bathrooms around the world for the past 50 years or so.
But is the electric model really best for you?
To answer this question, we spoke to the dentist and tested a range of models, from cheap basic electric toothbrushes to high-end toothbrushesIntelligent technology.
Here are our favorite ones, starting with our favorite ones. (
Please note: many electric toothbrushes are sold with two toothbrushes
Power plug.
In the UK, shaving sockets are an ancient relic and worth checking to see if an adapter is needed before buying. )
Why do we like it?
A player who looks very smart.
99, amazonthe toothbrush has a lot to love, starting with the promise on the box: \"remove up to 10 Xmore plaque \"(
I think \"up to\" means my brushing skills are still important).
It\'s as stylish as an plastic toothbrush and comes with a travel USB charging box that looks more like a Bluetooth speaker.
There are also a variety of settings: gum health, which adds an extra minute to low weight
Electric brush glue;
Very clean, three.
Washing electricity in minutes;
White, it is said to work harder to remove coffee and tea stains you may see in the morning.
The environment I choose is sensitive, which is easy for precious gums.
Nevertheless, it is much stronger than what I used to be (a manual brush).
On my first use, the toothpaste slipped off the vibrating bristles.
When I reloaded and successfully delivered it to my mouth, I quickly learned the golden rule: don\'t open your mouth when brushing your teeth, otherwise it will splash everywhere.
Brushing your teeth is fine in itself, and I like the extra features-if not under-sized.
In essence, this is a very good electric toothbrush, which is fast to charge and keeps powerful for a long time.
However, if you look at the price, you will find that these functions are indeed value-added.
Now buy the reason we like it: affordable, no
When we asked the dentist, Dr. Toby Edwards
What is Lunn\'s best electric toothbrush and his answer is clear: Mouth
The price of the B Pro 2000 was \"reasonable\" for £ 30, he said, and it performed very well.
No need to spend an arm and a leg (or a tooth)
, Its round head provides a good cleaning.
All the common features are there --the two-
Minute timer, for example-it will tell you when you brush too hard, which is convenient. Why\'s the Oral-
B. is the Pro 2000 so much cheaper than Philips Sonicare?
With Sonicare, you will get a range of additional features: various brush settings;
Glass bracket;
About Funkytravel.
While we like these additions, if you don\'t want to spend too much money,
B is a good choice, it is very rare in terms of actual brushing.
Buy what we like now: cheap, simple and effective.
The design of this toothbrush is very simple and the function is very small.
It promises to remove more patches (
Compared to Philips\'s 10)
Very small faff.
Colgate Pro clinical 250 is basically twice as much as a necessity: soft bristles, convenient suitcase and fullImportant timer
If the toothbrush is a massage, this Colgate should be a soothing aromatherapy instead of a back massage.
Crack the session.
Soft bristles are ideal for people with sensitive gums.
It\'s also one of the fastest to charge, just 10 hours.
Most importantly, it can be under your £ 20. The does-what-it-says-on-the-tin option. Buy now£289.
Olivia Walmsley tested 99, ArgosPhilips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Black HX9924/14.
This is her verdict.
I used spoken English before.
B. Pro 2000, already quite satisfied.
I am curious about the Phillips model, mainly because of the large price difference.
This matte black toothbrush comes with an exquisite glass holdercome-
Chargercertainly looks handsome.
The action of the brush is a bit used --
It seems to vibrate much faster (
According to the flyer, 31000 pulses per minute)than the Oral-
B, therefore, there is a tendency to sprinkle toothpaste around the bathroom.
Also, my teeth do feel clean after brushing my teeth.
I tried various modes (
There are five: cleaning, for daily cleaning;
White, remove surface stains;
Deep Cleansing and healthy gums)
Before adapting to the healthy environment of the middle speed gums, these three speeds.
The brush was able to remove the estu root along the gum line on the molars teeth behind me, which I tried to solve with my mouthB.
I downloaded this app, it keeps track of where you \'ve brushed, highlights where you haven\'t brushed it, it reminds you if you press too tight-if you\'re like me
According to my dentist, the early stages of gum disease
Because too much pressure is more harmful than too little.
I have to admit that I gave up using it soon.
I only have so much time to brush my teeth, which is frustrating for my dentist.
The glass holder was also quickly discarded as the brush often fell inside and stopped charging.
But stylish suitcase built in
In the charger, special tongue cleaning brush head is also a particularly useful supplement.
All in all, this is an impressive toothbrush, but the price should be like this.
Buy it now, beauty expert, these things are chic and look more like lipstick than a toothbrush.
They look like jazz. up e-
Said a colleague.
The sound has several designs with names like \"Tribal Quest\", \"Peacock of pride\" and a bit of an amazing \"loud leopard \".
The soft bristles don\'t attack the teeth, but I have some problems with this plastic toothbrush.
First, most options have grooves on the back of the head to help clean the gums;
The sound of the city is fashionable.
It also comes with an ordinary non-
Rechargeable battery.
This makes sense for travel toothbrushes because you don\'t want to charge on the go.
But it also makes it harder to judge whether electricity is still at its peak, which experts say is crucial for an effective Europe.
It is too delicate and petite for my hand, so it is a bit uncomfortable to hold.
Still, for those who light up but keep their teeth extra clean, this could be the second option, where you don\'t have to break the bank in order to get one when you\'re under 30. Buy now£91.
Waterpik Sensonic Professional SR3000, tested by Telegraph lifestyle writer Richard Jones on the 29 th, said: \"It doesn\'t really commit to any border push, we can say, in addition to looking like a solid and reliable electric toothbrush, your teeth are the best friends.
\"It\'s very easy to get your head around to a large extent.
It has two settings: light hum and chewing gum
Amazing speed.
It has three stages of battery power and a hum every 30 seconds to tell you the other part of starting brushing your teeth --
A very convenient function.
\"Like many electric toothbrushes, it takes a while to fully charge (24 hours)
And comes with two-
So you need an adapter. Buy now£13.
Children should also use electric toothbrushes, according to experts. OK, I\'m 20-
A few years older than the target audience, but it is worth mentioning that I like this brush.
While you have to make sure that brushing your teeth is still working, it\'s always easier to power the battery.
The bristles are very soft and do not scratch the child\'s teeth or gums.
But there is no doubt that the best feature is the flashing disco light, which makes it fun to brush your teeth (for this 26-
At least one year old).
Buy evidence and expert advice immediately, say yes.
The Telegraph interviewed Dr. Toby Edwards, the dentist.
Lunn helped write a detailed guide on how best to brush your teeth, and he is unambiguous about the benefits of electric power.
\"The technology is very good in this era and you don\'t need to add any elbow grease to it.
\"The brush is made for us,\" Dr. Edwards said\"Lunn.
\"From 6 to 96, all of my patients use electric toothbrushes.
\"Simply using an electric toothbrush does not guarantee the health of your teeth.
Good toothpaste, brushing tips, brushing your teeth at the right time and using dental floss are also crucial.
But electric toothbrushes are definitely a good start.
Dr. Edwards said: \"Patients who use electric toothbrushes are much less likely to have gum diseaseLunn, co-
The founder of Dr. Heff\'s outstanding mint
Free Mint helps protect your teeth from tooth decay and acid attacks throughout the day.
\"Gum disease is unfortunately a multi-factor disease.
You won\'t get it as long as you have an electric toothbrush.
But that means the risk will be greatly reduced.
The most important thing is to remove the plaque.
\"For more than half of patients, the plaque score of toothpaste is high-even for those who brush their teeth twice a day-turning to an electric option will definitely help.
\"There are many reasons for the gums to subside.
Patients can be vulnerable or they can brush too hard sometimes.
They can have past problems with gum disease, which can lead to it.
They can have a thin bio-type gum, which is a genetic thing.
\"Because electric toothbrushes are helpful to you, it will tell you when you are too hard, it can help you prevent further recession.
\"There is a common misconception about whitening teeth. All the on-
Shelf products don\'t whiten your teeth, they reduce stains on your teeth.
Outside your teeth there are external stains from food, drinks and cigarettes.
The inner stain can be attributed to age or genes.
Whitening of teeth during dental surgery affects inherent stains.
By using an electric toothbrush, you will reduce the possibility of applying external stains, but you will not remove them once they are already present. \"\"Yes.
If you push too hard or your brush timing is not correct.
For example, when you go out at night, you may put acidic and sweet things around your teeth.
Brushing your teeth may damage your teeth.
After eating something sweet or sour, about 45 minutes.
\"The same is true for breakfast, where acidic substances such as fruits soften the outer surface and it is harmful to brush your teeth immediately.
As for grasping teeth, as long as you don\'t have to push hard, you should be fine. Dr. Edwards-
Lunn\'s suggestion is that Telegraph has tested a variety of toothbrushes on the market, from High
Choose a cheaper smart toothbrush for technology.
Some people have three.
The good news is that it costs about £ 30.
Sometimes less
Good for you.
Unless it is mentioned, there are two magical products tested. minute timer -
So stop making excuses.
Easy to use: just put it in your mouth and let the toothbrush do all the work.
Timer: many are built in
In the timer, once you hit the coveted two-
Tell you the minute mark or beep you are close.
Great results: carefully calibrated to give you the best results with the least amount of work, electric toothbrushes have proven to remove plaque faster than manual toothbrushes.
Fun for kids: it can be difficult for kids to be passionate about brushing their teeth.
But using an electric toothbrush can bring some fun to this combination.
Cost: for a high quality, durable option, you have to spend more than a regular toothbrush.
You must also change your head from time to time.
Charging: to use a toothbrush, you must charge it regularly or remember to replace the battery of the toothbrush.
Harsh: electric toothbrushes can be a bit too harsh if your gums are sensitive.
The good news is that you can find toothbrushes with different vibration settings, but it may take a bit of a try and error to find the one you like.
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