thane school adopt measures to reduce weight of school bags

by:HongXing     2020-06-22
There is also one in many schools
Family canteen with healthy lunch and pure drinking water is not required for students to carry lunch boxes or water bottles.
Although the state government is taking various ways to reduce the weight of children\'s schoolbags, the Thane school has adopted the online home work method, which makes students use only a small number of books in class.
There is also one in many schools
Family canteen with healthy lunch and pure drinking water is not required for students to carry lunch boxes or water bottles.
The school is taking steps to ensure that students only need to carry a small amount of notebooks and basic stationery to school.
Vinod Tawde, Minister of Education, has been considering using tablets, or including tablets-
In the school to implement the semester system, to ensure that students carry less books.
It is also recommended that students not bring tour guides, activities, homework and exercise books to class.
They must adopt electronics.
Learn and use audio
In addition to dividing the books into four parts in terms, the paper thickness of the visual effects, cd, dvd and Balbharti books should be reduced.
But these are only for 2016-
17 school year.
Earlier this year, Tawde went to school with weighing scales to check the problems faced by students.
He also found that students in elementary school carry bags from 3kgs to 6kgs.
Thane\'s Billabong school teaches students using audio-visual methods, and then uploads the home work worksheet on their website.
These are accessible to parents, and students can finish their homework online, which is then checked by the teacher.
They do not have to go to school with separate class assignments and homework books.
\"Even in the classroom, we prefer to teach using audio visuals and other activities so that students do not have to carry textbooks and make them inconvenient, and hurt their spinal cord in any way, \"said Ranjini Krishnaswamy, president of biabang School, who has been working for years to make schoolbags lighter.
\"There is almost nothing in our student bag.
There are almost no necessary stationery and books.
So, in addition to those who are willing to buy lunch boxes, the weight of the bag is not much.
We have separate class homework books at school, once a week, and one of them is brought home by students.
The exercise books are also placed at home for students to learn, reducing the burden on students.
Principal Rajani Pattabhiraman said: \"We also plan to open a separate course for students in grades 6 to 9, which will be planned and students will hardly have to bring books . \" European School, squire.
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