tesco to pay shoppers 10p per plastic bottle as part of new recycling plans

by:HongXing     2020-05-16
Tesco shoppers can now earn 10 pence for each plastic bottle they return as supermarkets are stepping up their efforts to reduce waste.
However, the plan is only available for trial at the selected store-
Please see the box below for stores participating in the event.
Borehamwood, Harford County is the first store to try out the program from today, and four more stores will start trying out in the coming weeks.
If the trial is successful, Tesco says it will promote the recycling program in the UK.
However, there is a problem that can only store up to 750 ml bottles, and customers can only store 10 bottles a day --
This means that the income limit for one day is 1.
You can only recycle Tesco\'s own label bottles and brand bottles, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Tropicana-
Self-owned brand bottles from other supermarkets are not included.
In addition, from October 3, Tesco customers will be able to reuse their own plastic containers to buy meat, cheese or fish at Deli and fish counters in more than 700 stores.
This will see products that are weighed and packaged with recyclable paper instead of a single
Use a plastic bag and then place the price tag inside the customer\'s container.
Containers of glass, metal and cardboard are not accepted-
Only reusable plastic containers are allowed.
There is no discount to do so, excluding loose delis such as cooked grilled chicken, pizza prepared by the store, olives and antipasti, and salad bars.
Jason Tarry, chief executive of Britain and Ireland, said: \"We have committed to do everything we can to eliminate disposable plastics and make it easier for customers to recycle.
\"Today is another step in this direction.
\"Earlier this year, frozen food retailer Iceland launched a similar plan that shows it pays 10 p Icelandic coupons for each plastic bottle that returns to Fulham stores.
Morrisons also tried out the plastic bottle recycling program in two stores, which rewards customers in the form of Morrisons loyalty points.
Shoppers at Morrisons can also bring their own plastic containers of fresh meat and fish to save on waste.
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