Tesco calls for a deposit on plastic bottles: Company becomes first major supermarket breaks ranks and say it will back a scheme

by:HongXing     2020-05-11
Last night, Tesco became the first large supermarket to play an important role in the efforts to deal with the disaster of disposable plastic bottles.
Britain\'s largest grocer has broken the rankings with other major retailers, saying it will support deposit and return plans.
Prior to that, Theresa May promised to launch 25-
Annual strategy to eliminate \"avoidable\" plastic disease including bottles, cups and packaging.
The UK retail alliance lobbied ministers to try to block deposit and return plans (DRS ).
But in the face of growing public and industry support for the idea, its position is collapsing.
The Daily Mail previously revealed how Coca was
Coke, the biggest beverage bottle maker, is ready to support DRS after years of opposition.
Tesco has now joined Iceland and
Support this measure.
Marks & Spencer and Waitrose seem to be taking the idea too.
Tesco said: \"We do support development costs-
Effective deposit return system, currently working with a number of partners to determine the scope of the project to explore how it works in practice and scale.
\"We believe that DRS is only one aspect of the overall approach needed to achieve the broader goal of reducing waste and increasing recycling in the UK.
Tesco says it will also make all packages fully recyclable or packable by 2025.
Environment Minister Michael Gove introduced DRS for plastic bottles and beverage cans as \"great ideas \".
He set up a working group to learn how a person works in the UK.
With the alarming evidence in the BBC\'s Blue Planet II series, which supports more and more, the Series reports on the threats that plastic pollution poses to our oceans and oceans.
Mr Gove and Mrs May avoided the issue yesterday regarding the national deposit and return plan.
The prime minister said at the launch ceremony of the government\'s environmental strategy: \"On the issue of plastic bottle deposit, what is the best way we are looking at-is it to recycle more or use the deposit?
We want to look at the basis of valid evidence.
She added: \"I\'m big enough to remember the days of the Corona bottle-it\'s a glass bottle, not a plastic bottle-we took it back and you got six at the time
So this is not the first time a scheme like this is used here. . .
But I think the important question is, let\'s take a look at the evidence and see what has the greatest impact.
Government sources say the decision to push forward the deposit return plan is \"balanced \".
One source said the evidence suggests that a national policy is \"positive\" for the environment, but he said there may be more effective ways to solve the contamination caused by bottles.
The Daily Mail highlights the waste, waste and disease that plastics cause to the environment.
Earlier campaigns led the government to charge 5 p for handbags and banned the use of beads in personal care products.
In other countries such as Norway and Germany, supermarkets have reverse vending machines in which customers can place old bottles and cans.
These payment vouchers can be cashed in tills.
Iceland says it is willing to install the machine to support trials in the UK.
Tesco is also considering doing so.
Supermarkets and food giants believe that being forced to take greater responsibility for recycling packaged waste will cost them hundreds of millions.
The British Retail Association insists that garbage collection and recycling should be improved rather than plans like DRS.
The National Retail News agency federation, which represents 15,000 corner shops, is also part of a growing alliance to support the program.
Samantha Harding, who protects the rural movement in England, said: \"Working with Tesco, Iceland and joint retailers
Supporting op, as well as news agents across England, it is clear that we now have the real potential to have a world
Deposit return system.
Louise Edge of Greenpeace added: \"This is good news that the UK\'s largest retailer is firmly behind the deposit return program-has tried and tested in developed countries and they are effective, increase the collection rate of plastic bottles to 96.
\"Public support for DRS, we have at least three supermarket chains that now support DRS, even Coca-
Coca-Cola supports DRS and the Scottish government has promised to launch a plan there. \'. . .
Theresa May said yesterday that now may has been banned from using cutlery and cups in her sight By Jason Groves and Claire Ellicott, because the Daily Mail business should ban the workplace when she plans to eliminate all \"avoidable\" plastics. Launching a 25-
In this year\'s environmental strategy, the prime minister vowed to take action at \"every stage of plastic production and consumption\" to reduce the amount of garbage in landfill sites and oceans.
May said the government will lead by phasing out single people.
Use plastic from Whitehall offices and canteens.
She urged the bosses to do the same, saying: \"I would like to see other large organizations do the same.
She also warned supermarkets that they need to do more to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging, including the introduction of plastic
All the food is on sale in the free aisle.
Speaking at the London Wetland Centre, the prime minister praised the Daily Mail for its \"tireless efforts\" on environmental issues, adding: \"The Daily Mail has done a good job of alerting the public to this issue\' In a wide-
May also made a series of speeches: Vowed that Britain\'s exit from the EU \"does not mean lowering environmental standards \";
Groupon confirmed that it will extend the 5 p plastic bag tax to all retailers including corner shops;
Warning that one out of every ten children has never been to a park or country and vowed to end this \"social Carnival \";
Confirmed ministers will initiate a single tax consultation
Use plastic items such as disposable coffee cups;
The government will \"support the transition to zero,\" said Mr\"Carbon cars;
Make it easier for families to recycle everyday items.
The Prime Minister said that solving the plastic problem in Britain requires \"everyone to perform their duties \".
\"Individuals can recycle more plastic and be more careful about the plastic they use, and businesses can have an impact on the use of plastic in their environment,\" she said.
Mrs May also revealed that she and her husband Philip tried to \"do our part by recycling resources at home and making their gardens more wild \"--friendly.
We try to recycle as much as we can, she said.
\"I am proud that we have a brown owl box, bird box and bat box in our garden.
Earlier, Michael Gove, the environment minister, hinted that the government was willing to impose a new tax on disposable coffee cups to encourage alternative products.
Members of Congress raised the idea of a 25 p \"latte levy\" last week.
When asked about the initiative, Gove said: \"I think it\'s an exciting idea that we\'re thinking about.
Top Tories believe the party\'s focus on the environment has helped attract young voters.
Ministers have announced plans to crack down on the ivory trade and have increased prison sentences for animal abuse.
Last weekend, May confirmed that she gave up her promise to give members of Congress a chance to scrap the fox hunt ban. Fox hunting was blamed last year for hitting the Conservative Party\'s election hopes.
Ms. May\'s former head of communications, Katie Perrior, said that while the Prime Minister\'s enthusiasm for protecting the environment \"may not be rash\", it must be new.
She wrote in The Times: \"When I was on the 10 th, Andrea lydsom, then Minister of Environment, was told to make the plan as boring as possible.
Tory sources acknowledge that the strategy, to be announced two years ago, has been strengthened.
But Mrs May dismissed her recent move to the green issue.
The Conservatives have always understood, she said, that the current generation is \"trustees, responsible for protecting and improving what we inherit from our previous people \".
Jeremy Corbin, who has called on the government to be \"tougher\" in reducing plastic waste, said the goal of cutting it in 2042 was too far away.
Labor leader said: \"Twenty
Five years is too long.
Green groups welcomed the measures, but warned that faster and broader action was needed.
John Solvin, executive director of Greenpeace UK, said the environment needs 25
It needs a 25-year vision.
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