Taking charge of plug-in cars

by:HongXing     2020-07-10
Electric vehicle manufacturers consider efficiency.
One reason for electric and plug
The US market has been hit hard in hybrid cars because of additional conditions.
Models like Holden\'s Volt and Nissan\'s Leaf need to be plugged in to charge the battery.
Some companies are developing ways to cut wires.
Replenish the battery wirelessly through the mat on the floor.
When the car is parked on the charger, the coil on the lower side of the car engages with the charger, and the mat is inserted when the car is not there.
Car manufacturers and suppliers expect sales of about 2015 chargers.
\"The feedback we \'ve seen from the original Volt and Leaf buyers is, \'Oh, these wires get really dirty;
These ropes are all wrapped together.
\"What a painful thing it is,\" said Phil Gott, an IHS Auto analyst who specializes in electricity. train research.
\"The wireless charger really sets you free.
\"Automakers want these cars to comply with regulatory pressures to increase mileage and reduce emissions.
However, electricity and plugs
In a survey last year, Deloitte said consumers around the world did not even consider cars.
Deloitte said that prices and mileage prevented purchases, and the time spent on them also prevented purchases, ranging from 3 hours to more than 8 hours.
Tesla Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer, delivered its first wholly-owned company-
The car produced last week said it was about to announce the insertion.
In the Supercharger network, it can re-power one of the cars in less than an hour.
General Motors, the largest car manufacturer and Volt manufacturer in the United States, invested $5 million ($6. 29 million)
A private company called Powermat
So far, GM says it only uses the technology to charge smartphones and other devices in the car.
The charger works in one of two ways: induction, similar to charging the battery on the plastic toothbrush on the base, or by magnetic resonance.
Delphi\'s charger uses the technology developed by WiTricity, which uses a magnetic field to transmit about laptop-sized charges between coils on the mat and is bolted to the lower side of the car.
Randy Sumner, director of business and technology development for Delphi hybrid electric vehicles, said the gap could be as high as 25 cm depending on the gap of the car.
Sumner said the charger can quickly send 3 KW of the power and charge the battery in about four hours.
The two coils are tuned to resonance at the same frequency, resulting in a connection.
The price of the charger may exceed $2000 ($2500)
Sumner said it is at least twice the current price of charging stations.
Efficiency is also low.
About ten percent of power was lost during transmission, with the goal of cutting it by half.
But Andrew Gilbert of Qualcomm says a test is underway in London to look at how wireless charging pads can be embedded in city streets and parking lotsQCOM)executive vice-president.
The company wants to license the technology to automakers and charger manufacturers.
Qualcomm is equipped with chargers for up to 50 electric vehicles, he said. \"Plug-
This is not a bad solution;
\"We just think it\'s a good opportunity to really improve the experience,\" Gilbert said . \".
\"The power supply is the same;
It\'s just whether it\'s through air or cable. \" -
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