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BAGNODESIGN recently launched a building and design space on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, and plans to open more showrooms throughout the region to showcase its products.
This year the company will open [4000ftsup. 2]
The showroom in Hong Kong offers a full range of bathroom products for architects, interior designers, contractors and discerning retailers.
Guy Wilson, general manager of the Bagnodesign project, explained that it is essential to maintain the same style and comfort as the hotel when choosing a hotel bathroom.
\"Luxurious, high quality products are necessary for the bathroom.
The challenge is how to combine durable and easy-to-use items with a beautiful design to ensure that from the lobby to the guest room bathroom, all areas of the hotel maintain the same level of comfort and style.
Bagnodesign is right here.
With our wide range of product designs, including value and quality, we are able to design the most stylish and exquisite bath spaces, incorporate the latest design trends, and take advantage of the most innovative technologies and processes.
Bagnodesign\'s latest works include nature
Inspired decor such as bloomnoebony furniture collection and separate bathtubs in Bagnotec stone, copper, acrylic and painted Baotou Steel.
Other products include self-
Clean the whirlpool with underwater lighting and optional air jet, as well as shower to steam conversion and deluxe spatula.
Tel: 971 4 5076000 Email: info @ bagnodesign. org Web : www. bagnodesign.
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Design services available
Germany-focus on durable bathroom solutions note recent trends in floor shower Flushing
The Bette-based floor shower series adds a new product.
Bettefloor side bonus-
Won Bettefloor, a painted Baotou Steel flush with the floor shower area.
The standing platform is a huge tile.
Like products that are permanently waterproof and easy to clean, more durability and hygiene is provided than regular tiles.
The new Bettefloor side has its outletdown off-
Center to make the standing surface seamless and increase comfort.
In addition to improving existing products, Bette has also designed-
Sven rensinhoff, head of marketing, explains that focus and pride in creating bathroom products that fit in any size and shape.
\"We offer competitive custom options for prices, especially in hotel renovations with a fixed room layout and possible special challenges.
Thanks to our manufacturing process and the materials we use, we are able to trim the tub before we paint it.
For example, it may be useful in a small bathroom where the opening of the door can limit the size of the bathtub.
We were able to trim the edge of the tub next to the door to allow for a larger bath than would have been possible.
Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to make bathtubs of a specific size or shape if needed.
\"Through decades of experience in the steel industry
Bette has become the leading manufacturer of paint Baotou steel products for bathroom.
Since all products are made from raw materials such as glass, water and steel, they are so durable that the carbon footprint is much lower than that made by humansmade materials.
This is reflected in 30-
Annual guarantee for all Bette products.
Contact number: 49 5250 511 0 Email: info @ bette. de Web : www. bette.
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Geberit Group has created sustainable coordination components for sanitary equipment. Geberit Group\'s sustainability practices were recognized by gaia in November 2013, and the company was recognized for its green product line Duofix
Duofix is a comprehensive universal and self-contained
Supporting installation elements in the construction of dry wall of sanitary equipment.
Stefan demed, Geberit manager and head of the Bay Area, said the series not only environmental but also includes perfectly coordinated components to provide customized economic solutions for any construction project.
\"Geberit installation technology provides an easy way to ensure that all necessary power connections are present behind the wall.
With geberit Duofix, there is no need to worry about where the shower, toilet or no contact actuator needs power.
Geberitalso also has a way to make sure the customer knows exactly where the pipe is on the wall.
\"In addition to its Duofix series, Geberit is constantly looking for sustainable innovation in its portfolio every year, whether it\'s a new design for pushers or self-pushers
Electronic faucet.
Its new series of 2014 will include the flagship of the wash basin and the GeberitMonolith sanitary module of WCs, Monolith Plus.
Products include built-in
In odor extraction, an electronic flush with sensors and ambient lighting.
The Geberit Group was established in 1874 and is headquartered in Switzerland.
The company made $2.
2012 for 4 billion people currently employs the 6,100 a work personnel.
Contact number: 971 50 651 6227/971 4 447 0914 Email: Louise. pitt@geberit. com Web : www. geberit.
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Kaldewei produces about 8000 bathtubs and showers per day and is proud to offer high quality, high cost
Effective and hygienic certified products using painted Baotou Steel.
Two of the best companies
The tub for sale is the Conoduo, which combines linear and geometric elements to make eye-catching designs with two Oval Duo Oval bathtubs with the same backrest, with an extra depth of 47 cm, and paneling, this allows it to be placed anywhere in the bathroom.
Roberto Martinez, head of international sales and target Management, explains that it is this fusion of style and substance that is key to kaldewei\'s success.
\"In addition to the aesthetics and design philosophy of the customer, there is a growing need for hotel operators to meet the high operational requirements and requirements for hygiene and cleanliness.
The Kaldewei bathtub and shower not only met all of these needs, but also supported profitability.
Kaldeweisteel enamel month.
5mm durable, sturdy and easy to clean.
At Kaldewei, we believe there is a reward for focusing on quality.
Our customers benefit from time.
Cost-saving during cleaning, able to operate the equipment safely, and durable product design, long life. Our 30-
Our commitment to product quality and reliability.
\"Kaldewei has consolidated its market position over the years and is now the European leader in the lacquer bath and shower.
The company operates in more than 50 countries across five continents.
Email: Roberto.
Martinez @ cadvey. de Web : www. kaldewei.
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In January 20, 2014, with the development trend of Dubai\'s modern lifestyle, Kohler, one of America\'s established private companies, launched its largest showroom at the Gulf Cooperation Council and became the second largest showroom in the Middle East.
This is the third in the world after opening its first Kohlerdesign center in the Middle East in Dubai last year.
Terrace collection, one of the company\'s latest offerings, combines luxury with functionality to provide customers with a personalized Cabinet choice in a variety of shades.
The mocini Lotus head is another new member, adopting abluthanth-
Wireless speakers are supported and can be synchronized with the device so that users can listen to music in the shower.
The company continues to develop products suitable for modern lifestyles, offering a range of solutions to overcome the most common challenges in bathroom design.
Mohammed Kumar, regional marketing manager for the Middle East at Kohler, explained: \"One of the main challenges in terms of bathroom products is to save water and electricity.
The integration of Kohler\'s infrared faucet and LEED certified products into the bathroom design can overcome this problem.
Another problem is that the bathroom is getting smaller and smaller, which means there is limited space.
The compact design of Kohler includes a variety of space-saving products such as WCs, power housing and shower system. \" Kohler Co.
With more than 31,000 employees on six continents, operate factories in 49 locations around the world and have dozens of sales offices around the world.
As a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom products, the company is constantly evolving to reflect the latest trends related to lifestyle, technology and environment. Tel : 04-
4334269. Email: Muhammad. nada@kohler. com Web : www. kohler.
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Integrating local design with the world
Class durability\'s collaboration with the iconic Italian design company Kartell, and the launch of innovative materials SaphirKeramik, makes the 2013 exciting to be the top brand Laufen under the Rocca umbrella
Designed by Ludovica RobertoPalomba, The New Kartell of the Laufen series provides a complete bathroom solution at an affordable luxury level, including some real gems in technical aspects, for example, hide and overflow in the pool and tub.
In addition, Laufenhas uses SaphirKeramik, a new ceramic alternative, to achieve unprecedented possibilities in design.
SafphirKeramik is much harder and stronger than normal ceramics, it can create a clearer radius and edge, and thin walls that have not been seen in sanitary ceramics until now
\"It\'s always a challenge to create the right mix of budget-compliant and ultimately able to respond to the local impact design of the hotel\'s use challenges,\" explains Ivan zupanovic, head of sales and exports for the Laufen international project.
\"Our success lies in being able to work with designers to explore products that meet design aspirations and budget constraints.
Providing advice and support to designers as professional bathroom consultants has always been our preferred approach.
Laufen offers a wide range of products to hotel groups around the world.
The goal of the company is to help designers achieve their ambitions, whether it is three
Star hotels like Marriott and Ikea\'s recent joint venture will launch 150 Moxy hotels across Europe, or custom solutions such as the Doha fashion Mondrian Hotel, which is about to open this year.
With 1,800 employees, Laufen produces about 3 million pieces of ceramic products per year in production bases in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic.
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ROCA has created space for new technologies, recently opened galleries across Europe, including the new flagship gallery in London, and the Spanish bathroom brand Roca has been busy launching the latest innovationstank Meridian -
Water plug with integrated flush system.
The unit not only improves hygiene, but also makes it easier to install into smaller bathroom spaces, which, according to Samer Deeb, marketing and Specification Manager, Rocca Middle East, is critical for the comfort of users
\"For hygiene purposes and ease of use, WCs with cover is preferable.
Although the bathroom space of each hotel is different, keeping the minimum space between different elements can improve the comfort of users.
\"In addition to creating products that are suitable for reducing space, rocabeli believes that water-saving technology is critical to modern bathroom products.
The company has recently introduced new water-saving urinals and will continue to incorporate sustainable technologies into its future designs.
Contact number: 971 4 34 76400 Email: info. dubai@roca. net Web : www. roca.
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