supermarket packaging is now out of control

by:HongXing     2019-10-10
Ban on plastic bags has arrived
But can we still help?
Look at the extensive impact sheet-
The use and form of plastic in our environment
You can make changes now.
Woolworths are moving to eco-friendly shopping bags, but they still use a lot of packaging on fresh food.
Image Source: News Corp. Australia News Corp. is currently selling pre-
Put the vegetables in the tray and prepare to put them in the oven.
It would be great if you felt you were too busy to cut potatoes, but for our landfill it might not be very good.
This product is not only installed in a disposable oven, but also packed in plastic.
This is the latest example.
The packaging of our food.
Although plastic bags are about to be phased out next month, in-
Store supermarkets have been attacked for items such as individual sweet potatoes packaged in plastic and ready-to-eat foodto-
Eat carrot sticks in plastic containers.
Then there is a bundle of bananas in the plastic container and apples in the plastic test tube.
It can be convenient to make a busy life easier, but fight the war against plastic
Packed fresh fruits and vegetables are accepted by thousands of Australians who are tired of overpacking their food.
Nearly 400,000 people signed a change.
Organizing a petition against unnecessary plastics, hundreds of people posted photos on social media, and at the urging of Greenpeace, they used hashtag ridiculouspackaging, and Greenpeace also
This product will not be sold if we find it inconvenient.
But all the packaging is cost-effective.
Source: A spokesman for Greenpeace said the supply \"every time you go out and buy a car once a week, the problem is on your face . \".
\"Rows of sparkling plastic packaging, choking things like bananas, corn and oranges . . . . . . It\'s like they don\'t have their own completely biodegradable packaging.
\"As Australians, we love our beaches, our coral reefs and all the creatures that live in them.
We know that the dependence on plastic must end.
\"It\'s time for supermarkets and producers to stop choking on fruits and vegetables --
Our Oceanin plastic.
Pat Lao, a Burk resident, began to change.
Recently, his supporters said they were making progress and Woolworth and Coles promised to reduce plastic.
\"Woolworths and Coles have removed a lot of plastic packaging in the past few months --
Woolworth will have REDcycle bins in every store by June 30, \"Lao told his supporters.
\"Coles will sell them in nearly 800 stores in Australia --wide.
\"That means we can recycle the plastic in the store.
\"This victory requires vigilance, so please don\'t stop looking for more eco-friendly ways for these supermarket giants, and if you see anything, leave a message directly to Woolworths and Coles to remind them of their commitment.
Ashley Mills, from Sydney\'s North Beach, signed the petition, saying she was very enthusiastic about the issue.
\"We should use as little plastic as we can, and it\'s really frustrating to see so many unnecessary things covering our fresh fruits and vegetables,\" she told the news . \". com. au.
\"Supermarkets are in a unique position to become leaders in reducing plastic waste by stopping single consumption
Use plastic alone to pack small items of fruit and vegetables.
\"Sadly, this seems to be more and more frequent when it should be reduced.
\"Banning plastic bags is just the tip of the iceberg.
Apple now often sells plastic boxes in plastic packaging.
Source: provided \"it must stop --
To ensure this, we need to unite as a community.
A spokesman for Woolworth told the news. com.
The AU believes that while phasing out plastic bags from June 20 is a \"big step forward\", they acknowledge that there is more to be done.
\"In recent months, we have permanently removed plastic packaging from production lines such as avocado, organic scallions, celery, kale and British spinach,\" he said . \".
\"These initiatives will help save more than 37 tons of plastic packaging per year, and we plan to do more during 2018.
\"We are also working hard with REDcycle plans to launch convenient plastic recycling options for customers in all supermarkets across the country by June 30 --
A closed loop recycling solution where customers can return soft plastic for packaging products and groceries.
A spokesman for Coles said
From July 1, the use of plastic handbags will be removed, and red trash cans will be available in every store in the country.
Coles also introduced 6 million reusable plastic boxes to replace waxed cardboard and polystyrene crates, saving 32,000 tons of cardboard last year, he said.
\"We are also actively working with suppliers to adopt more sustainable and recyclable packaging forms across all products,\" he said . \".
\"Sometimes packaging is needed to protect the freshness of the product and to ensure food safety from farm to home.
Supermarkets say some plastics are necessary to protect food, but it is clear that people will not produce this product if they do not buy it.
Source: \"For some products, packaging reduces the incidence of defects such as bruises, crushing and dehydration, thus reducing waste in our stores and customers.
\"For example, the shelf life of cucumbers wrapped in plastic is 10 days.
Without packaging, it can deteriorate in just six days, which not only wastes cucumbers, but also all the inputs needed to grow and transport to the store.
A spokesman for Aldi said they have been reviewing packaging to reduce waste.
\"We are currently working with the industry to try out packaging made of other materials in the hope of finding a viable and sustainable alternative --
\"Plastic,\" he said.
\"As part of these alternatives, we also consider the suitability of the packaging from the customer\'s perspective.
\"Some of our fresh fruits and vegetables are packaged to reduce bruises and protect items from customers.
\"It also helps to reduce food waste and corruption.
\"We are committed to reducing plastic waste, which is why all of our stores are completely unsingular
We have been using plastic bags since we opened in 2001.
\"We also recycled plastic waste from the store.
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