students project aesthetic utility of waste plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-17
Civil engineering does not necessarily need to be associated with heavy building materials.
Students in the EBET institutional group tried to use \"light-
They designed the \"weight House\" with discarded plastic water bottles \".
Finally, build a thatched house with plastic bottles instead of mud walls
Students in civil engineering have shown the aesthetic use of these discarded bottles.
DisposalThe student used 1,500 plastic bottles to build a \"plastic bottle House\" and drove home in the process, the reality is that improper disposal of used plastics can have a negative impact on health and the environment
According to the students, windows and furniture can also be made from recycled bottles to increase comfort for simplicity and costEffective house.
Plastic bottles are also good insulators, they explain. K. P.
EBET reporter Duraisamy and P.
Director Govindasamy congratulated the student team behind the \"structure.
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