storage boxes made out of cardboard and 3d printed parts (update 2019-05-13)

by:HongXing     2020-08-24
Storage box made of cardboard and 3D printed parts. The change log can be found in the last step.
Status quo: there is a lot of confusion in my office.
Almost everything is covered on the surface.
Of course I have some cabinets and drawers but even if they are full of different things.
It\'s not uncommon for me to have to outsource stuff to the floor because there is no space left available.
I often find something specific (e. g. servo motor)
It\'s still gone even after a few days. Lost in chaos.
A few days or weeks later. . . ahhh . . . there it was.
It is very necessary to clean up and restructure.
My cardboard cabinet (
In the meantime, it moved from the kids room to my office because with three drawers it couldn\'t store enough toys for my kids)
It\'s just a drop in the bucket.
Only light items can be stored in three drawers.
There is also a cabinet made of wood in my room.
This cabinet has some potential, but it is wasted because it has five large single compartments.
There are no partitions in the drawer.
So it would be a good idea to create some storage boxes for these drawers, very helpful.
My solution is: it\'s boring to buy a box because I need a box without a box
Standardized size.
So this is not my choice.
Building a box is the key.
Of course, there are many ways to build a box.
Here you can see my decisions and reasons: if you know about my other projects (1,2,3)
Guess what kind of material I\'m using. => Cardboard!
♥The easiest way to create boxes is to fold them.
Nothing is impossible, but the whole project should be \"after\"work-brain-off-create-some-boxes\".
In general, folding is for sure, but not in this project.
The second option is to cut out the different parts of the box from the cardboard and put them together.
It\'s much easier than folding, but how do I combine them together?
Only glue, maybe hot glue. . . hmm . . . not really.
After some brainstorming, I decided to use a simple plugin. In-
The system printed on my 3D printer.
These parts of the 3D printer are easy to install and even have more benefits: Let\'s go!
In this structure, I want to show you-
How to make storage boxes with cardboard and 3D printed parts.
Tools, materials and software tools: Materials: Software: DesignI draws boxes and all parts of a 3D printer in Autodesk Fusion 360.
The base is always a 2D sketch of the corresponding extrusion.
For example, how do I create a corner for the bottom of the box showing the individual steps.
Rough 2D sketches (top view)
With the help of the size tool, I created the correct size.
I split the base shape into areas with another 4 lines.
I created the final 3D shape using the extrusion tool.
10mm outside, 2mm in the middle and 5mm in the inside.
Following a similar principle, I created other parts: some more detailed information about each particular part: after all the content was done, I created a new model, imported and copied all
I align these parts with the move tool.
After that, I created the various parts of the box (
2 times the short side, 2 times the long side and 1 times the bottom)
Each thickness is 3mm.
Final design: 3D printing (
You can find the part as STL in the attachment! )
If you are new to 3D printing, please take a look at the beginner 3D printing course.
I converted the created component in STL-
Files in Fusion360 and edit them in the slicer.
I chose the following slicer settings: I used a stun gray PLA with a filling film with a 210 °C extruder and 55 °C on the build board. Example (see below)
=> 1 h/4,38 m /~ 13g /~ 0,48 € a fully equipped box then consists of 13 parts. This means I have to print 6 of 78 sections
My drawer size is 585x340x125mm.
As mentioned in the introduction, this is a space of waste and unorganized.
At first I wanted to split one of the drawers into 6 equal parts.
So I\'m going to make 6 cartons.
After some measurements and calculations, I decided to use the dimensions of 325x195x62, MM (outside).
These in the drawer are very suitable, but there is no card.
I used 3mm sheets of cardboard to make the box.
This is easy to process and cheap, or can be recycled from the old cardboard shipping package.
Since I just want to store small parts that are light in weight, this is not a problem for cardboard.
I marked the different parts of the box on a piece of cardboard and cut them out with a cutter.
A box consists of 2 short edges, 2 long edges and 1 bottom with a thickness of 3mm per bottom.
In some of the previous tests, I realized that it was better from top to bottom than from left to right.
The vertical force is more stable.
Again, I created all the parts for the other 5 boxes.
After all the parts of the printer are done and all the cardboard parts are cut, I start to assemble.
Cardboard parts must be glued to 3D parts.
This greatly increases the stability.
I used UHU Hart.
I started with some basic preparation: I glued the middle part of the bottom of the four cboxes in the middle of the four cardboard side plates, and after gluing the bottom part of the four cboxes to the two long cardboard side plates, there is a cardboard on the bottom and the drying time is over and I move on: Stick a short cardboard side plate to two long side plates and stick two CBoxTopCorner parts to the corners on the long/short side (
Not all four CBoxTopCorner parts exist at the same time)
Stick the bottom of the cardboard to two CBoxTopCorner parts and stick to the corner of the long/short sidefin!
Just like I created 5 other boxes.
In the design steps, I show you the other two parts of the box.
CBoxConnect and CBoxLabel.
I don\'t need them at the moment because everything will be in the drawer.
But maybe I will use these boxes in another context in the future.
It will be useful to have these two additional components.
Cboxconnect can be used to stack boxes to prevent them from slipping.
A simple clip that can be placed on the edge of the box or glued to it.
The arrow indicates the direction of this section because one side of the clip (top, arrow up)
Slightly wider for easy stacking.
CBoxLabelTo knows what\'s in the box and the label holder can stick to the x side.
Slip into a small piece of paper from the top.
The final custom storage box is finished!
I have created a short film in which I show you how I built it.
Hope you like it.
The personal storage option has always been a big topic for me.
The place is available, but normally this is not getting the best use, which creates confusion.
With CBoxes I see some light at the end of the tunnel.
Now I can optimize the use of space and build boxes that are perfectly suited to individuals.
Upgrade to 3mm medium fiber boards or 3mm plexiglass (
Not 3mm cardboard)
Further possibilities are also available in terms of optics and stability.
Of course, there is a simpler and better way to create a custom box, but this method works for me and I like the result.
I would really like to see your ideas and solutions if you create something.
I would appreciate any criticism, comments or improvements.
Whether it\'s a project, a photo, a skill, a writing or a language.
If you don\'t want to wait until the next update, you can see some news on Instagram.
Thank you for taking the time to read my project!
Have a good time.
Servus and cu next time!
You can find other files there.
Ask if you need anything else!
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