stop putting your kids\' food in plastic containers: top pediatricians tell parents to use glass or steel packaging to lower kids\' exposure to chemicals

by:HongXing     2020-08-14
A group of top pediatricians urged parents to remove as much chemicals as possible from their child\'s packed lunch.
Cans, plastic containers, and processed meat are just a few of the typical toxin carriers they pick out that can enter the child\'s blood system and affect their hormones --
May affect development.
Like BPA (
Make plastic hard)and nitrates (
Make the food last longer)
It has been a part of everyday life for decades, and these traces are often so few that \"are generally considered safe \".
But the new policy statement, which will be published in the journal Pediatrics in August, warns that we now have a lot of evidence that even a small number of these toxins are at risk --
However, the authors argue that many parents remain skeptical about these risks.
They also warned, low.
Income communities and ethnic minorities tend to be exposed to higher concentrations of these chemicals --
Mainstream medicine does not address this gap widely.
Our current guidelines on chemicals in food are set out in the 1958 amendment to the 1938 Federal Food, medicine and Cosmetics Act (FFDCA).
It allows about 1,000 chemicals to enter our food and containers as they are considered GRAS (
Or, \"generally considered safe \").
But, the authors say, \"evidence accumulated from non-human laboratories and human epidemiology studies\" suggests that the threshold may not be low enough --
Especially to protect children from harm.
The report came after a series of studies warned us about the extent to which we were exposed to these chemicals.
Most of them are concerned about the exposure of pregnant women and the impact this has on unborn babies.
Dr. Janice Juraska of the University of Illinois told the Daily Mail Online last month that she was \"shocked\" by the latest research published on July 16, suggesting that, women who eat food in plastic containers are more likely to have children who are less responsive.
The difference is obvious, she said.
A week later, a study by the University of California, San Francisco, found that most pregnant women contained at least 50 chemicals.
Such as double phenol a, tricloone and p-ester-in their blood.
In each report, chemists and endocrinology warn that these chemicals exposed to the uterus may be life
Change clothes for the children of these women.
But this new proposal from the American Academy of Pediatrics reminds the public that children of all ages are still at a critical stage of development and they warn that the evidence suggests that, if we minimize our children\'s exposure to these chemicals, our children will be better in the long run.
What are the chemicals to pay attention?
How can you avoid them?
The author admits that it is difficult to avoid these chemicals.
Especially for lowIncome families. Toxin-
Free materials like steel containers or reusable glass bottles tend to be more expensive.
Fresh organic foods that do not contain preservatives are also expensive because the price is low
There are often fewer fresh food markets per square mile in the revenue area.
For these communities, they urge pediatricians to \"advocate the modernization of ffdca\", forcing all departments of food and product manufacturing to reduce the content of these chemicals.
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