son killed father and dismembered body parts before \'using them as tv stand\'

by:HongXing     2020-06-20
A man killed and dismembered his 25-
A court heard that the stone father was \"neatly packing\" the body parts in a plastic storage box and using them as a TV stand.
28-year-old Nathan Robinson used a Stanley knife, hacksaw and saw to cut the body of 48-year-old William Spiller in a shared apartment in Bournemouth, Dorset.
Later that day, a neighbor noticed a \"pink liquid\" dripping on the ceiling of the bathroom \".
Neighbors have heard an argument in their apartment before, in which Mr Speller said, \"Do you want me to subsidize you all my life ? \" Tell the court that Robinson killed his father, a taxi.
Driver, May 16, 2013, after they quarreled over money.
When Robinson cleaned the crime scene with a steam cleaner, it was diluted blood and he went out to buy a steam cleaner after killing his father.
He said the body parts were \"neatly packed\" in the box.
\"Mr. Spiller is a big man,\" said Mr. likley.
6ft 5in, he weighs more than 25 stones
So I say that it takes time and effort when his body is cut and dismemberled.
It would be a mess to have a Stanley knife, a small hacksaw and a saw.
When the neighbor went to ask the pink liquid, Robinson opened the door and was described as \"very calm, normal, very collected, nothing to say, he just had a fight with his dad.
Prosecutors say Robinson tried to cover up the murder in the next few weeks and created a list of \"things to do\", including paying for the property rent and using his father\'s phone to pretend he\'s still alive.
Mr Lickley said that meant that Mr. Spiller\'s body was not found until a month later because his father\'s partner, Glenys Molyneaux, reported him when he stopped replying to the text message
She thought he was visiting a serious one.
A friend of mine in West Midlands died.
Mr Lickley told the jury police that they found Mr Spiller\'s body in the bedroom of the apartment, \"noting strong smells and flies, alive and dead, in the corridor to the hotel \".
He stated that Mr. speller\'s head had been \"removed, cut off\" and found in another box in the bedroom filing cabinet.
He added: \"There is a Stanley knife in one of the boxes, its blade is relatively small but sharp, and there is a saw and a small hacksaw --
The tools were used to kill and cut the bodies of Mr. Spiller, officials said.
Mr Lickley said Robinson took at least £ 7,750 in cash belonging to his father and on the day after he was killed he went to Glasgow to visit friends, there he drank £ 300 of the wine \"eat and socialize\" and has been sending text messages allegedly from Mr. Spiller.
Mr. Lickley said Robinson was believed to have been in the apartment since returning from Scotland.
He then spent the weekend with more money he stole from his father and his mother who was separated from Mr. Spiller, staying at a hotel in Bristol for a vegetarian weekend.
Police said Robinson asked Birmingham mothers when they were arrested at their home: \"Is this a joke ? \".
Mr. Lickley said Robinson owed his father a debt and a note written two years ago was found to have a loan of 36,000.
Mr. Ley said that Robinson admitted to killing his father and dismembering his body, but denied that he had been murdered.
He pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds that responsibility was reduced.
The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, will continue today.
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