soda bottle crafts - creative ways to recycle empty plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-17
This is an interesting and simple craft activity for adults and children.
Instead of throwing away empty plastic water bottles, use them for free craft activities.
Most soda bottles are disposable after drinking a drink and they are made of soft plastic material.
They can be easily cut into useful items such as pencil holders or vases.
How to make a pencil case this is what you have to do to make a pencil case.
Buy a liter of soda bottles and be sure to rinse them well before they are used for any process activity.
Remove the label from the bottle and cut off about 3 inch from the top with a cutter.
Don\'t discard the top for another purpose (
Details are as follows).
With a pair of scissors, cut straight from the opening end to half of the bottle.
Do the next cut with a 1/4 pitch so you can get 1/4 stripes.
Continue cutting until there is a strip around the bottle.
Next, bend and fold each band outward until they are at right angles to the bottle.
To make the edges, take a strap, bend on the strap next to it, and then bend under the next two straps.
You may need to apply more pressure to make sure the strap stays under the other straps and will not be untied.
Then take a strap and do the same thing until all the straps are hidden under the other straps.
Your pencil case should be like this: make a vase for flowers. You can also try to cut the straps into thin and bend outward without knitting.
With a little imagination and your own creativity, you will be amazed at how beautiful your plastic bottles will become.
It looks cool when you use a clear plastic bottle as a vase.
Add some weight to the bottle by placing some colored gravel or water glue beads on the bottom, then adding water and putting in aquatic plants or some flowers.
What about cutting-
The outlet bottle at the top of the soda bottle can be recycled as a fastener or clip for the freezer bag.
If the top of the bottle is large, trim the edge if needed to make it smaller.
Put the items you want to store in a thin freezer bag.
Remove the cap from the cap.
Insert the top of the freezer bag into the neck of the bottle so that the freezer bag will come out from the top of the bottle.
Fold the edge of the plastic bag outward.
Put the cap back on the bottle, tighten it and clip the plastic bag in place.
Here you are, a free bag clip!
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