Should I buy an electronic / power tootbrush ?

by:HongXing     2020-07-24
Always wondering if you should buy an electric toothbrush?
Research shows that electric toothbrush with rotating function
The oscillating head can remove more plaque than the normal daily toothbrush.
Dental plaque harden over time and must be taken out by the dentist, but if it is found early, the electric toothbrush can completely remove the existing dental plaque and ensure that there will be no new dental plaque formation in the future, so protect you.
While regular toothbrushes can do the same thing, electric toothbrushes can easily get into the corners and gaps near the gum line that is usually hidden by plaque.
Electric toothbrushes can bring back teeth and other difficult things. to-
Arrive at the spots without much trouble. When using a regular toothbrush, the area on the back and back of the front teeth is often missed.
Work can be done on your own with just one power brush.
This ensures more thorough cleaning in areas that often attract plaque and bacteria.
Electric toothbrushes can also prevent gum disease, and plaque accumulation at the gum line may lead to gum disease.
In the earliest form, gum inflammation, accumulation will cause the gums to become red and swollen, and sometimes even bleeding.
When gum inflammation is not treated, it becomes a periodontal disease, a serious infection of the gum tissue and bones.
It causes teeth to fall off and even more serious systemic infections.
The plastic toothbrush removes the plaque on the gum line through its oscillation to prevent gum inflammation.
Surprisingly, dentists find that most people brush their teeth too hard and not too soft.
This may wear the enamel on the teeth, causing sensitivity.
Because it is not necessary to press hard with an electric toothbrush, the enamel is protected.
Electronic toothbrushes can help children brush their teeth more thoroughly without needing more work.
Children are notorious for not long enough or good enough to brush their teeth, even if they think it is not long enough or not good enough.
Electric toothbrushes can overcome these defects because children do not need to remember which way to brush their teeth.
Electric toothbrushes do more work than regular toothbrushes, and in the same time electric toothbrushes are more effective than your hands.
Because the rotary heads are brushed in different directions in different movements, they clean the teeth more effectively than straight upand-Downward movement can be.
When the head rotates faster than most people can brush, they also do it faster.
Electric toothbrushes can clean dental appliances better than manual toothbrushes, because food and plaque build up around the device, so people with braces or wires stuck to their teeth often find brushing their teeth
The brushes work in multiple directions and can clean up these obstacles more effectively.
Electric toothbrushes can stimulate blood flow in the gums, and the gums need good blood flow.
Massage the gums with an electric brush to stimulate blood flow within the gums.
Healthy gums can protect the teeth and keep them strong and healthy.
Electric toothbrushes are more gentle in dental work, such as crowns and caps, and need to be gently treated with toothbrushes.
Because manual brushing is too severe, it will cause wear and tear on the teeth, which will lead to fracture and loosening of the teeth.
The electric toothbrush ensures that the area is cleaned well with very little pressure.
Electric toothbrushes can help those with inmobility, people with hand joint arthritis and other diseases, because it is difficult to find electric toothbrushes with toothbrushes that are easier to use around the mouth, and they don\'t have to work as hard as they do now to get better results and learn more about access to electronic/electric toothbrushes.
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