shoppers earn £30k in iceland supermarket plastic bottle return trial

by:HongXing     2020-05-23
In the first trial of a supermarket reverse vending machine, shoppers earned more than £ 30,000 in revenue by recycling plastic bottles.
The plan, piloted by Iceland, rewards coupons for a deposit of 10 p per bottle purchased at the store.
It was promoted to stores in Wolverhampton, modd, Fulham, and Fort Massel --
And the Icelandic headquarters in Deeside.
According to the latest data, 311,500 plastic bottles have been recycled so far.
The deposit machine accepts plastic bottles up to three liters, which requires a barcode to show that the plastic bottles are sold in the store.
The supermarket says children are \"particularly invested\" in cash machines and even educate and encourage their parents to use them.
Iceland is committed to sharing its findings with the government.
Richard Walker, general manager of the supermarket, praised the move as helping to \"remove\" plastic from food and beverage packaging.
\"It is clear from the results that consumers want to solve the plastic problem and will support a national plan,\" he said . \".
In October, environment minister Michael Gove promised to \"work with industry to see how we can introduce a deposit return plan for plastic bottles \".
The consultation on how the plan works was announced on last March.
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