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by:HongXing     2020-06-10
Hello everyone!
I started my hobby of making paper models.
The reason is that it uses the most easy to find, flexible, and cheap material-paper.
Another reason is that most blueprints or templates for paper products are available online for free.
With paper, you can copy as many of your models as you can;
So you don\'t have to worry about messing up your first build.
Today, I will share with you how to make a miniature container model with paper.
Well, it\'s not plain print paper, but I use the mounting plate, a card sheet with a thickness of 1mm.
To make the model useful, I turned it into a tissue box cover.
Therefore, the name of the tissue box of the shipping container.
I have to say that this design is based on the container of the lasercut card.
They use lasers to sell desktop war game accessoriescut card stock.
You can have a look here.
I drew my own template to fit the size of the tissue box and in the next few steps you can download it. Material:-
This is a good working material;
Don\'t be too thick, and don\'t be too thin, it\'s easy to cut and fold and stick together well with the pva glue.
I pick a black-
The color swatch of this project is white inside.
Instead, the black side will be inside so I can paint on a white surface.
Tools: I made the actual size template with A4 paper so you can print it out on the paper and track it on the mounting board.
Except for the A1 part because it is too big for the A4 size.
You need to draw on the board according to the size of the A1 section in the template.
Cut the template carefully.
The number of parts is as follows: A1-1 parts.
Part-4 pieces from B1 to B4.
Part-7 pieces from C1 to C7.
D1 to d9-9.
Total number of pieces: 21 pieces.
I chose to make a container with Maersk Logo.
I found it easier to draw the logo before assembling the part.
Assemble the part by following the instructions steps in the above figure or by referring to the animated gif.
Apply a sufficient amount of glue to connect the layered parts.
At one end of the container/box, the \"door\" can be opened to place the tissue box inside.
Brush the whole box white with a sponge brush (2 layers)
And logo details for smaller brushes.
I am using a 17 layer tissue box that fits perfectly with this shipping container.
If your tissue box is not suitable, just take out the tissue box and put it in the compartment.
Well, we\'re not done yet.
If you are satisfied with the tissue box in step 7, you can stop.
I\'m strengthening the game by adding a rusty effect to my container.
Inspired by a blog post published by miniaturecresbymatt72 on his battery factory container. (
Sorry, I don\'t have a photo of this step)
First, add a light gray to the box, apply a darker hue to the edges, and a thinner layer to the center.
Next, use a sponge brush to carefully apply a small amount of brown paint on the edges around the holes and circles.
It is usually a place of rust.
Add a water last-
Apply orange paint on brown spots to finish the rust effect.
I\'m not very good at drawing, but I\'m glad it\'s OK considering I only use the brush.
So you can finish this box as a shining personbrand-new or old-and-
The container is rusty.
Hope you like it! =)-
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