she\'s $10m closer to replacing plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-01
The defining moment took place in five of Cowes.
2009 Business school reunion.
\"A professor made a report on the global water crisis and the impact of plastic waste on the planet,\" Kauss said . \".
\"I knew at the time that my bottle idea had to be realized.
\"Before that, Kauss would carry other metal water bottles with him, but was not satisfied with their appearance.
In 2010, Kauss launched her startup \"well\", a series of insulated reusable stainless steel bottles designed to keep drinks cold 24 hours and hot 12 hours.
Since then, New York.
S. -based companies have sold 4 million bottles.
The business is profitable, and revenue surged 400% between 2013 and 2014--
It reached $10 million last year.
\"We expect revenue to grow exponentially again this year,\" she said . \".
From Wall Street newbies to 27-year-old millionaires, Kauss has never thought of becoming an entrepreneur.
Prior to the business school, she worked at Ernst & Young certified public accountants and large real estate investment trusts managing international projects.
The only constant is her metal water bottle.
It is convenient and important, but it may not be suitable for the style here.
\"It\'s ideal for the gym, or to take it out of your backpack while you\'re camping, but it\'s not ideal for an executive,\" she said . \".
Fast forward until 2009.
After the party, influenced by the demo she saw, Kauss began working on her EcosystemFriendly bottle.
\"I made a business plan very quickly, but it took longer than I expected to find a manufacturer and perfect the design,\" Kauss said . \" Kauss invested $30,000 in himself.
When it came together, she launched s\' well at the end of 2010.
It not only helps to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles (
Kauss said an estimated 50 billion plastic bottles were dumped in the United States. S.
Landfill sites per year)
There\'s also in her bottle. free.
She\'s the queen of millions.
In her $2011 verdict, she experienced the \"Oprah effect \".
\"Oprah magazine lists s\' well bottles in the\" o \"list of popular summer products,\" Kauss said . \".
\"This is the credit mark we need.
\"Today, the S\'well bottle has 90 colors and three sizes for between $25 and $45.
Bottles are sold in major stores across the country, including Nordstrom (JWN), Starbucks (SBUX)and J. Crew. \"Google (GOOGL)
\"We will send our bottles to all interns this summer,\" Kauss said . \" Kauss\'s team has grown to 30 employees.
Kauss said that in the process of rapid success, she did not forget the social mission of her company.
The company recently launched bottles that look like wood. \"For every [wood-style]
The bottles we sell, we plant a tree in the American forest . \"
\"Last year, we planted 20,000 trees in Jupiter, my hometown. Florida].
\"Environmental protection is still at the heart of her business.
\"I want to get rid of plastic bottles,\" Kauss said . \".
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