Scotland\'s plastic bottle scheme is game-changer for recycling

by:HongXing     2020-05-13
Scotland\'s decision to deposit a deposit on beverage bottles and cans is a game --
Recycling device.
The environment minister, Rosanna Cunningham, announced in holliluther that cans, plastic bottles and glass will be included in the deposit return plan, which will be launched and run in Scotland in 2021. It\'s just 20p -small change -
When the consumer returns something empty, they take it back.
However, the recovery rate in other countries that introduced bottle storage plans (DRS) doubled to 90% or more.
In January 2017 Sky Ocean Rescue began building momentum for DRS because there was too much evidence.
18 months ago, I disclosed an amazing study showing that 700,000 plastic bottles were discarded every day in the UK.
But small deposits could be reduced by only 100,000.
It also makes sense in the context of climate change.
Recycle one ton of plastic bottles and save one ton.
5 tons of carbon.
The Scottish government has a good record of bold initiatives.
This is the first part of the UK to introduce a public smoking ban, the first to introduce a minimum alcohol price, and now the first to introduce a deposit plan.
The bottle deposit plan in Britain is behind.
Public consultation on a plan will end next week (May 13.
So, before we hear the results, if it weren\'t for a few months, it would be a few weeks.
Michael Gove, the British Environment Secretary, supports DRS.
But there is still uncertainty about what England\'s plans will look like.
Retailers are lobbying that it only applies to 500 ml or smaller bottles that tend to be in-the-go.
They believe household recycling can clean up a bigger scale.
However, only half of the beverage bottles consumed by the family are eventually recycled, so the environmental protection organization requires \"full\"in\' scheme.
This is a clearer message for consumers.
It turns out that it works abroad.
For the study, researchers defined HongXing as strategies to foster some social good, including programs that benefit community engagement, diversity, the environment, human rights and employee relations.
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