science has revealed why coca cola tastes better from a glass bottle than a plastic bottle

by:HongXing     2020-05-24
The secrets of the different flavors of Coke in different packages have been revealed.
Image source: Supply Review source: Finally, there is a scientific explanation why most people think that glass bottles are better than plastic bottles.
University professors from the United States revealed that although manufacturers dissolve the same volume of carbon dioxide in plastic and aluminum products, plastic is more carbon dioxidepermeable.
This means that soda will leak out of plastic bottles faster than cans or glass bottles.
\"While packaging and food companies strive to prevent any interaction, they can happen,\" explains biochemist Sara Risch . \".
The plastic bottle has a B acetaldehyde liner designed to stop the interaction, but it will also translate into the taste of the drink, allowing many to experience the \"plastic aftertaste \".
Many people think that Coke in glass bottles is better than cola in plastic bottles.
Image: APSource: no need to open and close the APAnd-of plastic repeatedly-
Bottle Coke to prevent it from exploding at once?
Risch suggests that the material that gives the most unchanging flavor is glass because it has the least chemical reaction.
But while glass may be best suited to the taste of the drink, aluminum cans still seem to be the preferred choice for many --
Maybe it\'s because the canned Coke in the refrigerator cools faster than the bottled Coke.
Studies have shown that if the carbonated drink is still hot in a jar or bottle, the gas will escape.
So you have it.
There seems to be nothing more satisfying than the hiss and thump you make when you clip the ice --
Cold can of CocaCola.
Which one do you think tastes better?
Although the cans suck away some flavor, customers prefer to drink from the cans.
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