RIP plastic bottles in Maha by May 2018

by:HongXing     2020-05-01
First the hotel and then the restaurant will have to turn to the glass. To make Maharashtra plastic, the state government is in a state of war. free.
Starting in May 2018, you may not be able to buy plastic bottles of mineral water at the hotel, as the state plans to force water to be provided only in glass bottles.
The ban will be extended to restaurants in the next phase.
Starting today, the environment minister of Maharashtra, Ramdas Kadam, and senior officials will hold a series of consultations with experts and stakeholders on this issue.
While a ban on plastic bottles will be imposed on large users such as hotels, regular customers will be able to purchase water packaged in plastic bottles for a period of time.
The state government also plans to eventually ban the sale of milk packaged in plastic bags, requiring dairy farms and manufacturers to turn to glass bottles or sell loose milk.
The citizenship agency will be responsible for enforcing the ban, and the ministry plans to amend the law to ensure that the licenses of institutions that violate the rules can be canceled.
However, ordinary users will not be punished for \"this is too authoritarian.
Kadam announced a ban on Gudi Padwa (
New Year)
In March 2018, the impact of plastics on the environment was taken into account.
The Ministry of Environment plans to implement this ban in stages to cover plastic bags, cups, plates, except for consumer goods such as goods and logistics, pharmaceutical packaging and imported goods.
\"Initially, we planned to cover the hotel and the next stage will include the restaurant,\" said a senior official . \".
\"We will expand it once we are sure it will work.
\"The hotel must supply water to the customer with glass bottles, or buy water from the manufacturer in the form of large cans, from which it can be loosely distributed to the customer.
\"Bottled water manufacturers will also have to turn to packaging drinks in glass bottles,\" he added . \".
These glass bottles will be renewed. cycled and re-used.
Kadam said they are collecting information from Kerala and Himachal states, which ban plastic, adding that there is an option to re-Buy and re
Plastic bottles are also being considered.
Adarsh Shetty, president of the Association of Hotels and restaurants (AHAR)
He pointed out that the use of glass may increase the price of bottled water, which will be passed on to customers.
He pointed out that the treatment of glass is also very troublesome, adding that the focus should be on the recycling and reuse of plastic.
Maharashtra Pollution Control CommissionMPCB)
Officials estimate that plastic accounts for about 3-5% of urban waste.
Mumbai produces about 10,000 tons of solid waste per day.
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