Republic Day flower show ends on a green note

by:HongXing     2020-06-02
With no single-
Made in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden using plastic bottles and plastic bags, touted this year as the most recent Green Republic day flower show, appreciated by the gardening department, citizen Volunteer Group and Bengaluru mahanara Pamir (BBMP).
The show ended on Sunday and is seen as an example of how to carry out public activities.
\"This event set a precedent for other public events.
If Lalbagh over 5 years old can cut the order
90% using plastic garbage, other activities in the city can also be used, \"said Odette Katrak, from the beautiful Bengaluru, who is a citizen
Led waste management team that has been working with the gardening department during the exhibition.
The volunteers stressed that the performance was almost rubbish. free.
\"In the last couple of shows, Lalbagh Rock will be filled with garbage at the end of the show.
We can only see a few pieces of garbage this time . \"Katrak said.
The activists attribute this to the initiative of the Department of Horticulture, which ensures that there is no single
Plastic bottles are allowed to enter the garden and free drinking water is provided from the water dispenser. M. R.
Chandrasochar, deputy director of Lalbagh, told the Hindus, \"We have set up four groups to make sure there is no plastic in the show and people don\'t throw litter.
Everyone was checked at the entrance. All single-
Plastic bottles were confiscated.
We have the supplier sign an agreement to ban the use of plastic.
Our team has been watching the night.
The person who violated the agreement was fined
In the last 10 days we have charged a fine of £ 4 from our suppliers, \"he said.
In addition to installing free water dispensers with reusable plastic glasses in 15 locations, the department has a supplier selling food --
Grade plastic bottles filled with water at a price of RMB30.
\"People can fill the bottle from the dispenser and take the bottle home,\" he said . \"
Chandrasuzar added that with the support of volunteers and BBMP, they were able to significantly reduce plastics.
Daily inspections ensure that no plastic ban is violated by suppliers and visitors.
According to Manoranjan Hegde, chief health officer of BBMP, the team of BBMP confiscated 30 kg of the non-
Woven polypropylene bags and collected a total of £ 3 k fine from suppliers for the provision of such bags.
\"But that number is very small compared to the last few shows,\" he said . \".
\"Most of the waste generated during the show can be recycled,\" said Rajalakshmi G . \".
Saahas project coordinator, a non-
Profit from Zero Waste Solutions.
\"There is a lot of progress.
Even apartheid is much better. The only non-
\"Recyclable waste exists in the form of paper cups,\" she said . \".
In these 10 days, the exhibition produced nearly two tons of garbage, including 40% tons of compost, 50% tons of recycling, and only 10% tons of waste.
\"Lalbagh should be rubbish.
Free and plastic
Free year round.
It shouldn\'t stop with the flower show, \"she said. Katrak.
The cooperation between the Lalbagh authorities and BBMP officials and volunteers made the difference this time.
\"At the next Lalbagh show, we will make sure we don\'t use paper cups and betel nuts,\" she said . \"S.
Ramakanth, solid waste management expert.
Over the weekend, on Republic Day weekend, see the huge walkway leading to the Lalbagh Botanical Garden.
The roads around Lalbagh were blocked as many people visited the show on Saturday and Sunday.
The Ministry of horticulture said as a whole, 4.
On January 18-27, 02 lakh tourists visited the flower exhibition, with 78,150 visitors on Sunday.
The total income of the flower show is 1 pound. 54 crore.
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