Recycling Plastic on Long Island, New York

by:HongXing     2020-05-08
Plastic —Everywhere in food preservation, beverage containers and consumer goods packagingIt is one of the most common recycled items in the United States.However, of the approximately 1 million tons of plastic beverage bottles produced each year, only 23 tons.Recycling 5%;76 people left.5% of the garbage is eventually buried or become garbage.(See reference 1) New York state has an active plastic recycling program to combat the large amount of waste generated in the country\'s most populous metro area.In Nassau and Suffolk counties, including Long Island, local recycling is managed by the Department of Health, Environmental protection or public works;Most towns have projects to recycle different types of plastic.New York State\'s recyclables Act encourages consumers to recycle beverage containers in the heart of Long Island.When you purchase carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, seltzer, water and juice drinks in plastic bottles with a New York refund label, you will need to pay a deposit of 5 cents per container;When you return the empty bottles to the stores within the state where they are accepted, you take back the deposit.The New York State Department of Environmental Protection estimates that since the Act came into effect on 1983, the redemption rate has been between 70 and 80%.(See reference 2) a newer state law, the plastic bag reduction, reuse and recycling Act, came into effect on 2009 to combat the explosion of plastic bag waste.Most retail stores that provide plastic bags to consumers at the point of sale need to provideStore recycling bins for cleaning and drying plastic bags.(See reference 3) on Long Island, consumers can simply return the bags to the store on their next shopping trip.The Recycling Act covers handbags and dry plastic bagsCleaning bags and newspaper delivery bags.Most towns in Nassau and Suffolk County provide roadside recycling for a variety of plastic containers, and some towns distribute designated recycling bins specifically for this purpose.The local health department accepts only specific rigid containers, including beverage bottles, milk and juice cans, laundry detergent and shampoo containers, condiment extrusion bottles and liquid soap bottles.In general, the neck of the bottle must be narrower than the body for acceptance.There are places where consumers are asked to remove the cap, all of which require the bottle to be cleaned.(See References 4 and 5) thousands of consumer goods are made of plastic with recycled symbols numbered \"chase arrows --But these labels are misleading because they only indicate what type of plastic resin the object is, not its recyclability.Long Island municipalities generally ban non-Recycle the bottle plastic in the stream.Plastic food containers such as artificial butter barrels, Tupperware, barrels, laundry baskets, foam plastics, bottles with industrial chemicals, utensils, packaging peanuts, etc, flowerpots and plastic bags are just a few items that are not allowed in the roadside pickup procedure.Professional facilities in New York State accept hard plasticoff locations.
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