recycling ideas for plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-04-23
The degradation of traditional plastic bottles in landfill sites can take up to 1,000 years.
While recycled plastic bottles will remain in the loop for a longer period of time, it is likely that the next consumer will throw away the bottle.
A creative way to keep plastic bottles away from landfill sites is to find new uses for them at home.
Before you purchase some of the following new items, consider creating your own replacement from the plastic bottle you have used.
Instead of coming up with new and useful ways to use plastic bottles, take the bottle apart and look for ways to use the bottle.
By cutting off the top of the plastic bottle and using only the bottom, you can create a small cup shape that is easier to use.
Paint at the bottom of the bottle or cover it with fabric to make it look more decorative.
Use the bottom as a container for anything from pens and pencils to hair accessories.
You can also start the seedlings with the bottom of the plastic water bottle.
The upper part of the water bottle can also be re-
For various purposes.
Once the bottom of the bottle is cut off, you will leave something tapered.
This can serve as a funnel for everything from food to water balloons.
By inserting the candle stick into the opening of the bottle and setting it so that the cone supports the candle, use the top of the bottle as a candle holder.
When working with the whole water bottle, it doesn\'t seem to be good for a lot of people except to hold water.
One of the most obvious ways to recycle plastic water bottles is to refill.
If you no longer need a bottle as a water bottle, consider some more creative ways to re-
The purpose of this project.
Plastic bottles filled with sand can be used like sandbags, and messy, broken bags are less risky.
Fill the water bottle for the third time and make a homemade ice bag.
Make a small seam at the top of the bottle to form a piggy bank.
Drill small holes in the lid and water the plants with bottles.
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