Recycled plastic bottle greenhouses getting children outside

by:HongXing     2020-04-24

Greenhouses made of recycled plastic bottles proved successful at local schools, giving students a comprehensive and rich school life.Glendu Lake Elementary School is the latest school to install a hot house, made from 6000 plastic bottles collected by the school.Earlier this yearxa0Similar greenhouses have been installed at Riverside Primary School, inverme Primary School and Yangzhen Primary Schoolxa0On my way, work for the dole project.The program provides the school with a flat packaging structure that helps students understand sustainability and recycling.Participants in my pathxa0Woodworking coursexa0And other skills needed to build a greenhouse.The project was a great success and some participants stayed after completing the work for dole.For youth Town Primary Schoolxa0The greenhouse is the latest addition to a thriving outdoor classroom that teaches students a range of skills from gardening to cooking.Originally a garden full of tangled blackberries, it has now become a productive garden attended by students at the school.Brad Colson, an outdoor classroom teacher at Yangzhen Primary School, said the garden\'s goal is to be fully self-sufficient and the greenhouse brings them one step closer to that goal.\"It\'s almost a self.Enoughxa0\"In the garden, what we planted, we continued to replant,\" he said .\".Greenhouses allow them to breed.xa0Their own seeds earlier this year, which means they don\'t have to buy seedlings.\"It will definitely increase our growing season, especially Frost and other diseases.xa0\"We can start packing in winter .\"Students are involved in maintaining all aspects of the garden as well as harvesting and cooking using agricultural products.Youth town studentsxa0The outdoor class is her favorite class, says Maggie Robbins.\"Ixa0Like how we go outdoors, we do a lot of different things every week, so we don\'t just stay on the same thing, we learn a lot of new things ,\"xa0Maggie.xa0Said.Going to outdoor learning is a global trend, and research shows that learning effects have improved among children who are active outdoors.The link to nature and sustainable development is the space for children and educators to participate.Good for the body, cognition and psychology.xa0Outdoor Classroomxa0It also helps to develop skills such as problem solving and improving social interaction.
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