Quip Brings The Delivery Box Experience To Teeth-Brushing

by:HongXing     2020-07-14
There is a reason why parents have to ask their children to brush their teeth twice a day: because of the teeth
It\'s not fun to brush your teeth.
The plastic toothbrush came in from here. -
They don\'t have any proven medical benefits compared to regular toothbrushes, but the novelty factor itself allows people to brush their teeth more, and brushing is exactly what most people need to do.
People need to follow basic oral hygiene habits, electric toothbrushes-
The manufacturer Quip saysit tries to dig.
Quip toothbrush is simple and elegant in design and has very small functions.
The bristles on the brush head do not have any complex patterns and do not have 12 different vibration patterns and timer options.
Instead, there is a normal toothbrush head that vibrates in one pattern, and there is a two-
The minute timer buzzes three times and lets you switch the area of your mouth where you are brushing your teeth.
For industry-
Design obsession, starting at $40, it has brushed metal in four different colors. For bargain-
Hunter, it has cheaper blue or green plastic starting at $25.
The idea of fun is now-
Founder Simon Enver went to a simple dentist.
As a British citizen, he usually takes care of his dentist whenever he happens to return to his home country.
But in 2012, he failed and finally went to the dentist in New York City.
\"At the end of the visit, the dentist growled for a long time that people were wrong about the idea of brushing their teeth,\" said Enver . \".
\"People think they need to brush harder, and actually they need to brush longer with better technology.
Obviously this is an area that needs good design.
\"Enever is a professional design consultant with co-
Founder Bill May and the two spent 2013 working nights and weekends on Quip\'s concept.
In May 2014, they finalized the angel fund from Kal Vepuri, who is also an investor in the class spass of Harry and WOBI Parker.
Quip began selling the first version of its toothbrush in February 2015, and Enever predicts sales will reach 100,000 in the coming months.
So far, after relying on angel investment and sales, it will launch a round of risk financing in June. As a consumer-
Quip focuses on a company that operates a cult of cool.
The brushed metal electric toothbrush is Apple\'s.
Esque and its subscription options offer a feeling of enjoyment.
Depending on what you want, you can register every three months and ship toothpaste and/or brush head replacements on a regular basis.
It\'s like a $ shave club or a StitchFix because it takes some trouble to plan your purchase.
You don\'t need to do anything because what you need will appear in your mailbox on a regular basis.
When your Quip toothbrush arrives it\'s hard not to feel like you\'re in an elite little club and that\'s exactly what you want to be part of the well
Quip is making money for future design.
In addition to the cool factor, Quip saves costs than other electric toothbrushes (
Although it\'s not more than regular
Old manual brush).
The plastic version of Quip is the cheapest at $25, but the plan then requires a refill of $10 for toothpaste and new brush heads within three months.
Your average. the-
The shelf electric toothbrush starts at $50 and can cost far more than $100 or $200, plus the cost of replacing the brush head over time.
On the other hand, in a local pharmacy, the price of a regular toothbrush should start at $1.
Dental experts don\'t believe any electric toothbrushes. -
Or other--
Good dental health is necessary.
\"We know what works for everyone is that you should brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, eat a healthy diet, and go to the dentist regularly . \"
Matthew Messina, spokesman for the American Dental Association
\"People don\'t need to buy mechanical toothbrushes for their health.
\"Enever himself admits that there may be nothing special about using Quip.
\"Electric toothbrushes just give you a placebo effect to brush more,\" he said . \".
But if Quip does take advantage of the placebo effect, that is not necessarily a bad thing.
In a well-known 1975 study, researchers Thomas calloski and Thomas Chalmers found that taking vitamin C had no intrinsic health benefits. -
But think it\'s good for you to take vitamin C.
People who receive placebo but are told to take vitamin C have a stronger immune system and receive real vitamin C but are told that others have less physiological benefits.
I suspect that any benefit of Quip to oral hygiene is the same: it is equivalent to a Jedi mind trick.
Compared to other toothbrushes already in the market, the toothbrush itself is not much improved, but because it will make brushing a little less painful, you are more likely to brush the recommended amount.
Dentists have been trying to get people in-
AndQuip has been able to do this successfully for decades.
Next: a gadget that lets you eat vegetables too.
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