plastic shame of the nhs: health service buys 600million disposable cups in just five years

by:HongXing     2020-08-16
Over the past five years, the NHS has purchased 0. 6 billion disposable plastic cups.
Critics said yesterday that the use of disposable items by health services was \"out of control \".
Many of the cups were eventually buried or discarded, polluting our streets, villages and seas.
According to a request for freedom of information, the NHS trust fund in the UK has purchased more than 0. 6 billion cups since 2013, but the real number may be much higher, because of the 174 Trust Funds, only 223 answered the question.
A trust company in London, Guy and St. Thomas bought nearly 30 million cups in five months. year period.
The 609,830,335 disposable cups purchased in five years are equivalent to more than 334,000 cups per day.
This is because the Daily Mail is leading the way in the fight against plastic pollution, which has turned the tide of the plastic movement around.
According to Greenpeace UK, the national health insurance system data show how out of control our relationship with single people
It becomes \'with plastic \'.
Cups are used throughout the medical services department from the waiting room to the ward, but some trust companies are not even able to determine how many disposable cups they are buying.
A total of 223 NHS acute, the Press Association asked mental health and community provider trusts to provide information on the number of disposable drinking cups they have purchased each year for the past five years.
Of these, 196 responses, 6 responses were missing from the data due to differences. Twenty-
Seven trust companies, including some large acute hospitals, have yet to respond, and 16 said they did not have the information requested.
The NHS uses disposable cups to provide hot drinks, cold drinks and dispensing.
While some can be easily recycled, others are more difficult to recycle
Use-like plastic-
Coffee cups or polystyrene lined.
In some cases, there are clinical reasons for using a single drug
Use Cups in some mental health wards, such as avoiding glass.
Louise Edge of Greenpeace UK said: \"We all know we use too much disposable plastic, but these huge numbers show how out of control our relationship with single people
It\'s made of plastic.
\"Over the past five years, the health services have used half a billion disposable cups-they can\'t be all captured and recycled, so, it\'s time for the government to step in and help suppliers find a viable solution.
Dr. Sue Kinsey of the Marine Conservation Association added: \"If it is really not possible to clean the Cup, at least the service should give up the use of polystyrene and it is not easy to recycle, and transfer to the system of collecting and recycling cups.
Former Liberal Democratic health minister Norman Lamb said: \"nhs leaders should crack down on these wasteful purchases by encouraging the use of reusable cups.
Dr. Nick Scriven of the Acute Medical Association said: \"In addition to the adverse effects of such a large amount of waste on the environment, we must also consider the huge inefficiency of such a large amount of waste.
A spokesman for guy and St. Thomas said: \"guy\'s and St thome\' are one of the country\'s largest trust funds, including a large dental hospital where large amounts of plastic cups are used clinically.
The figures provided also include all disposable cups used and sold by many catering establishments in trust.
As an organization, we are committed to providing health care services that are as sustainable as possible.
We have some plans to reduce the number of disposable cups we use.
Labor health spokesman Justin magadders said: \"This is an amazing example of NHS waste.
The NHS plays an important role in ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come, and I hope the secretary of state will intervene to ensure that health services do not shirk responsibility.
Achieving the goal of reducing waste of disposable cups is a necessary start.
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