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by:HongXing     2020-05-06
The use of plastic is now increasing, just as water enters plastic bottles and Coke also enters plastic bottles.Both of these different types of beverages are heavily used by people, not only in some countries, but the use of plastic bottles is very large in each country.After drinking the material in the bottle, most people throw it in the bin because they think empty plastic bottles are waste.The recycling of each type of plastic is necessary because the plastic is empty, has no use in the world and pollutes the environment in one way or another.If empty plastic bottles are not recycled, if burned by plastic, carbon will evolve in the air that pollutes the environment, which is also dangerous for people living in nearby areas. This type of activity is underway.Recycling of plastics can not only save the environment, but also affect the consumption and manufacture of new plastics.It is also not necessarily important that if plastic bottles are recycled, then recycled plastic will not be used again to make the same type of goods after processing.Once the plastic is recycled, it is melted, it can be used to make different goods, such as the plastic of the PET bottle is recycled, and then the plastic chair can be made from recycled plastic.Recycling is important because it also affects the cleanliness of the city and the environment of the city.In particular, the recycling of pet plastic bottles is more important because the consumed pet bottles are thrown into waste and bottles made of plastic can be seen on the ground in third world countries.One of the challenges of plastic recycling is that the recycling of plastic takes a long process compared to glass, so it takes time and more precisely, the fact of heavy machinery is that after recycling plastic, it is more useful than glass or anything else that can make the same thing.The structure of the plastic bottle is very strong type of structure, because it is made of polymer plastic, so the heating is not enough to melt the plastic, it needs more process than simply heating the bottle in the machine like a bottle, and then consider the example of glass.Because there are many types of plastic, it should be the category before plastic enters recycling.Plastics are the categories of polymers used to make plastics.The process of recovery is the recovery of the monomer, then the heat is dissolved, and the last step is the heat compression.

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